New Lenovo 45N1754 45N1755 Original Laptop Battery for 45N1752 45N1756 Lenovo Thinkpad E450 E450C E460 E460C Series

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Lenovo 45N1754 Battery

Specifications :
  • Brand: LENOVO
  • Battery rating: 11.4V
  • Battery capacity: 47Wh
  • Type: rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Battery color: black
  • Condition: New
Part Numbers :
  • 3ICP7/38/64
  • 3INP7/38/64-2
  • 45N1752
  • 45N1753
  • 45N1754
  • 45N1755
  • 45N1756
  • 45N1757
Laptop Fit Models:
Lenovo ThinkPad Edge Series
ThinkPad E450 20DC0006AU ThinkPad E450 20DC0007AU ThinkPad E450 20DC0008AU
ThinkPad E450 20DC0009AU ThinkPad E450 20DC000AAU ThinkPad E450 20DC000BAU
ThinkPad E450 20DC000CAU ThinkPad E450 20DC000DAU ThinkPad E450 20DC000EAU
ThinkPad E450 20DC000FAU ThinkPad E450 20DC000GAU ThinkPad E450 20DC000HAU
ThinkPad E450 20DC000JAU ThinkPad E450 20DC000KAU ThinkPad E450 20DC000LAU
ThinkPad E450 20DC000MAU ThinkPad E450 20DC000NAU ThinkPad E450 20DC000PAU
ThinkPad E450 20DC000QAU ThinkPad E450 20DC0023AU ThinkPad E450 20DC0024AU
ThinkPad E450 20DC0025AU ThinkPad E450 20DC0026AU ThinkPad E450 20DC0027AU
ThinkPad E450 20DC0028AU ThinkPad E450 20DC0029AU ThinkPad E450 20DC002AAU
ThinkPad E450 20DC002BAU ThinkPad E450 20DC002CAU ThinkPad E450 20DC002DAU
ThinkPad E450 20DC002EAU ThinkPad E450 20DC002FAU ThinkPad E450 20DC002GAU
ThinkPad E450 20DC002HAU ThinkPad E450 20DC002JAU ThinkPad E450 20DC002KAU
ThinkPad E450 20DC002LAU ThinkPad E450 20DC002MAU ThinkPad E450 20DC002NAU
ThinkPad E450 20DC002PAU ThinkPad E450 20DC002QAU ThinkPad E450 20DC002RAU
ThinkPad E450 20DC002SAU ThinkPad E450 20DC002TAU ThinkPad E450 20DC002UAU
ThinkPad E450 20DC002VAU ThinkPad E450 20DCA00GAU ThinkPad E450 20DCZ0VCUS
ThinkPad E460 20ETCTO1WW TP E450 20DC00AMAU TP E450 20DCA06VAU
TP E450 20DCA0AEAU TP E460 20ET004DAU TP E460 20ETA05KAU
TP E460 20EUS0E300
Lenovo Series
ThinkPad T470p(20J6A012CD) ThinkPad T470p(20J6A019CD)
Lenovo Thinkpad Series
ThinkPad E450 ThinkPad E450 20DC00AMAU ThinkPad E450 20DCA06VAU
ThinkPad E450 20DCA0AEAU ThinkPad E450 20DCCTO1WW ThinkPad E450(20DC007EPB)
ThinkPad E450(20DCA001CD) ThinkPad E450(20DCA002CD) ThinkPad E450(20DCA003CD)
ThinkPad E450(20DCA00BCD) ThinkPad E450(20DCA00CCD) ThinkPad E450(20DCA00FCD)
ThinkPad E450(20DCA00UCD) ThinkPad E450(20DCA00YCD) ThinkPad E450(20DCA01HCD)
ThinkPad E450(20DCA01JCD) ThinkPad E450(20DCA01KCD) ThinkPad E450(20DCA01LCD)
ThinkPad E450(20DCA01MCD) ThinkPad E450(20DCA01NCD) ThinkPad E450(20DCA01PCD)
ThinkPad E450(20DCA01QCD) ThinkPad E450(20DCA023CD) ThinkPad E450(20DCA026CD)
ThinkPad E450(20DCA028CD) ThinkPad E450(20DCA02FCD) ThinkPad E450(20DCA02GCD)
ThinkPad E450(20DCA02LCD) ThinkPad E450(20DCA02MCD) ThinkPad E450(20DCA033CD)
ThinkPad E450(20DCA034CD) ThinkPad E450(20DCA035CD) ThinkPad E450(20DCA036CD)
ThinkPad E450(20DCA03ACD) ThinkPad E450(20DCA03FCD) ThinkPad E450(20DCA03GCD)
ThinkPad E450(20DCA03HCD) ThinkPad E450(20DCA03XCD) ThinkPad E450(20DCA04XCD)
ThinkPad E450(20DCA04YCD) ThinkPad E450(20DCA050CD) ThinkPad E450(20DCA05MCD)
ThinkPad E450(20DCA05NCD) ThinkPad E450(20DCA05PCD) ThinkPad E450(20DCA05SCD)
ThinkPad E450(20DCA06LCD) ThinkPad E450(20DCA073CD) ThinkPad E450(20DCA07JCD)
ThinkPad E450(20DCA07NCD) ThinkPad E450(20DCA07XCD) ThinkPad E450(20DD)
ThinkPad E450(20DDS01E00) ThinkPad E450C ThinkPad E450C(20EH0000CD)
ThinkPad E450C(20EH0001CD) ThinkPad E450C(20EHA000CD) ThinkPad E450C(20EHA001CD)
ThinkPad E450C(20EHA002CD) ThinkPad E450C(20EHA003CD) ThinkPad E450C(20EHA007CD)
ThinkPad E450C(20EHA008CD) ThinkPad E450c(20EHA009CD) ThinkPad E450c(20EHA00ACD)
ThinkPad E450C(20EHA00DCD) ThinkPad E450C(20EHA00JCD) ThinkPad E450C(20EHA00SCD)
ThinkPad E450C(20EHA00TCD) ThinkPad E450c(20EHA00XCD) ThinkPad E450c(20EHA017CD)
ThinkPad E455 ThinkPad E455(20DE0003CD) ThinkPad E455(20DE000BCD)
ThinkPad E455(20DE000ECD) ThinkPad E455(20DE001PUS) ThinkPad E455(20DEA003CD)
ThinkPad E455(20DEA005CD) ThinkPad E455(20DEA006CD) ThinkPad E455(20DEA00MCD)
ThinkPad E455(20DEA00VCD) ThinkPad E455(20DEA00WCD) ThinkPad E455(20DEA00YCD)
ThinkPad E455(20DEA01FCD) ThinkPad E455(20DEA01GCD) ThinkPad E4The
The above
New Lenovo 45N1754 45N1755 Original Laptop Battery for 45N1752 45N1756 Lenovo Thinkpad E450 E450C E460 E460C Series
New Lenovo 45N175...
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