Lenovo Original L17M3P55 Laptop battery for 01AV482 5B10W13892 ThinkPad L390 Yoga 20NUS2F800 L390-20NUS18X00 ThinkPad L380-20M6S16R05

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Specifications :
  • Battery rating: 11.10V
  • Battery capacity: 45Wh
  • Type: rechargeable Li-ion original battery
  • Battery color: Black
  • Condition: New
Part Numbers :
  • 01AV482
  • 5B10W13892
  • L17M3P55
  • SB10K97626
  • SB10T83135
Laptop Fit Models:
TP L380-20M5S09500, ThinkPad L390 Yoga 20NUS1UC0X, TP L380-20M6S16R05, ThinkPad L390 Yoga 20NUS2F800, TP L380-20M6S3CM00, TP L380-20M7S01B00, TP L380-20M8S0EN00, TP L380-20M8S0YA00, TP L380-20M8S1FQ00, TP L380-20M8S1XX00, TP L390-20NRS00Q00, TP L380-20M8S2RN00, TP L390-20NTS00600, ThinkPad L390 20NRS02J00, TP L390-20NUS15L00, ThinkPad L390 Yoga 20NT002DAU, ThinkPad L390 Yoga 20NUS1PD00, TP L380-20M6S0DQ00, ThinkPad L390 Yoga 20NUS23900, TP L380-20M6S1UR00, ThinkPad L390 Yoga 20NUS2T800, TP L380-20M6S4NW00, TP L380-20M8000JAU, TP L380-20M8S0QX00, TP L380-20M8S18A00, TP L380-20M8S1VF00, TP L380-20M8S2H900, TP L390-20NSS07A00, ThinkPad L380 Yoga 20M7CTO1WW, TP L390-20NUS0RV00, ThinkPad L390 20NSS2SG1J, TP L380-20M5A001AU, ThinkPad L390 Yoga 20NTS0BS00, TP L380-20M6A000AU, ThinkPad L390 Yoga 20NUS1X100, TP L380-20M6S1B100, ThinkPad L390 Yoga 20NUS2HK00, TP L380-20M6S40K00, TP L380-20M7S06900, TP L380-20M8S0GY00, TP L380 20M8S11900, TP L380-20M8S1GN00, TP L380-20M8S1YV00, TP L390-20NRS00S00, TP L380-20M8S2W900, TP L390-20NTS00Q00, ThinkPad L390 20NSS0BM00, TP L390-20NUS16K00, ThinkPad L390 Yoga 20NUS1SV00, TP L380-20M6S0E700, ThinkPad L390 Yoga 20NUS26C21, TP L380-20M6S2EQ00, ThinkPad L390 Yoga 20NUS2UX00, TP L380-20M7000VAU, TP L380-20M8A000AU, TP L380-20M8S0SE00, TP L380-20M8S1CC00, TP L380-20M8S1VS00, TP L380-20M8S2L000, TP L390-20NSS16W00, ThinkPad L380 Yoga 20M8S11900, TP L390-20NUS0XW00, ThinkPad L390 20NSS2X700, TP L380-20M5S00M00, ThinkPad L390 Yoga 20NUS1D100, TP L380-20M6S00J00, ThinkPad L390 Yoga 20NUS1XM00, TP L380-20M6S1G209, ThinkPad L390 Yoga 20NUS2N300, TP L380-20M6S42Y00, TP L380-20M7S08A00, TP L380-20M8S0JX00, TP L380-20M8S13A00, TP L380-20M8S1NU0F, TP L380-20M8S22T0U, TP L390-20NRS02Y00, ThinkPad L380 20M50011AU, TP L390-20NTS00S00, ThinkPad L390 20NSS1MK00, TP L390 20NUS2NH00, TP L380-20M5S00R00, ThinkPad L390 Yoga 20NUS1TA00, TP L380-20M6S0P700, ThinkPad L390 Yoga 20NUS29000, TP L380-20M6S2S300, ThinkPad L390 Yoga 20NUS2WT00, TP L380-20M70011AU, TP L380-20M8S00C00, TP L380-20M8S0WH00, TP L380-20M8S1DT06, TP L380-20M8S1WD00, TP L380-20M8S2N000, TP L390-20NSS1F600, ThinkPad L390 20NRA00MAU, TP L390-20NUS12T00, ThinkPad L390 20NSS3D400, ThinkPad L390 Yoga 20NUS1JB00, TP L380-20M6S00P00, ThinkPad L390 Yoga 20NUS20E00, TP L380-20M6S1MG12, ThinkPad L390 Yoga 20NUS2SU00, TP L380-20M6S46200, TP L380-20M7S0GN00, TP L380-20M8S0L100, TP L380-20M8S14000, TP L380-20M8S1SN00, TP L380-20M8S27700, TP L390-20NRS04A00, ThinkPad L380 20M5A011AU, TP L390-20NUS0BX00, ThinkPad L390 20NSS2FH00, TP L380-20M50019AU, TP L380-20M5S02300, ThinkPad L390 Yoga 20NUS1UA1B, TP L380-20M6S12500, ThinkPad L390 Yoga 20NUS2F500, TP L380-20M6S37Y00, ThinkPad L390 Yoga 20NUS2XJ00, ThinkPad L380 20M7CTO1WW, TP L380-20M8S0EH2G, TP L380-20M8S0Y900, TP L380-20M8S1F80F, TP L380-20M8S1XS00, Yoga L390, TP L380-20M8S2QC00, TP L390-20NSS1MN00, ThinkPad L390 20NRA00PAU, TP L390-20NUS14700, ThinkPad L390 20NSS45N00, ThinkPad L390 Yoga 20NUS1NN00, TP L380-20M6S0DD16, ThinkPad L390 Yoga 20NUS20Y00, TP L380-20M6S1QX00, ThinkPad L390 Yoga 20NUS2T200, TP L380-20M6S4KQ00, TP L380-20M7S0H800, TP L380-20M8S0LE00, TP L380-20M8S16800, TP L380-20M8S1UK00, TP L380-20M8S2CS00, TP L390-20NSS03H00, ThinkPad L380 Yoga 20M7A00HAU, TP L390-20NUS0K300, ThinkPad L390 20NSS2P200, TP L380 20M50044AU, ThinkPad L390 Yoga 20NTCTO1WW, TP L380-20M6001JAU, ThinkPad L390 Yoga 20NUS1X000, TP L380-20M6S1A200, ThinkPad L390 Yoga 20NUS2HJ00, TP L380-20M6S3J500, TP L380-20M7S04G00, TP L380-20M8S0FX00, TP L380-20M8S11400, TP L380-20M8S1GK00, TP L380-20M8S1Y000, TP L390-20NRS00R00, TP L380-20M8S2TH00, TP L390-20NTS00J00, ThinkPad L390 20NS0006AU, TP L390-20NUS15P00, ThinkPad L390 Yoga 20NUS1RK0H, TP L380-20M6S0E600, ThinkPad L390 Yoga 20NUS25000, TP L380-20M6S1Y100, ThinkPad L390 Yoga 20NUS2U200, TP L380-20M6S4RG00, TP L380-20M8000KAU, TP L380-20M8S0QY00, TP L380-20M8S18C00, TP L380-20M8S1VH00, TP L380-20M8S2HG00, TP L390-20NSS0BN00, ThinkPad L380 Yoga 20M7S00100, TP L390-20NUS0SC00, ThinkPad L390 20NSS2SG2H, ThinkPad L380 20M5CTO1WW, ThinkPad L390 Yoga 20NUS1C700, TP L380-20M6A001AU, ThinkPad L390 Yoga 20NUS1X300, TP L380-20M6S1B300, ThinkPad L390 Yoga 20NUS2LD00, TP L380-20M6S42A00, TP L380-20M7S06Q00, TP L380-20M8S0H000, TP L380-20M8S13900, TP L380-20M8S1KV00, TP L380-20M8S20W00, TP L390-20NRS01500, TP L380-20M8S2WV00, TP L390-20NTS00R00, ThinkPad L390 20NSS0XS00, TP L390-20NUS18X00, ThinkPad L390 Yoga 20NUS1T100, TP L380-20M6S0KM0Q
Lenovo Original L17M3P55  Laptop battery for 01AV482 5B10W13892 ThinkPad L390 Yoga 20NUS2F800 L390-20NUS18X00 ThinkPad L380-20M6S16R05
Lenovo Original L...
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