Asus C21N1423 Original Laptop Battery for 0B200-01360100 X302LA X302LA-1A X302LJ1B X302LJ-FN016H F302LA-FN066H P302LJ P302UA

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Specifications :
  • Battery rating: 7.6V
  • Battery capacity: 38Wh
  • Battery cells: 4-cell
  • Type: rechargeable Li-Polymer battery
  • Battery color: Black
  • Condition: New
  • CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified ensure safety.
  • 12-months Carry-In Replacement Warranty
  • 24 x 7 Call, WhatsApp, Email support.
  • Wholesale and Retail
Part Numbers :
0B200-01360000 0B20001360000 0B200-01360100
0B20001360100 C21N1423


Laptop Fit Models:

Asus X Series
X302LA X302LA-1A X302LA1A
X302LA-1B X302LA1B X302LA-FN002H
X302LAFN002H X302LA-FN012H X302LAFN012H
X302LA-FN015H X302LAFN015H X302LA-FN031H
X302LAFN031H X302LA-FN033H X302LAFN033H
X302LA-FN036H X302LAFN036H X302LA-FN049H
X302LAFN049H X302LA-FN051H X302LAFN051H
X302LA-FN052H X302LAFN052H X302LA-FN092H
X302LAFN092H X302LA-FN097H X302LAFN097H
X302LA-FN116D X302LAFN116D X302LA-FN137H
X302LAFN137H X302LA-FN177T X302LAFN177T
X302LA-FN215T X302LAFN215T X302LA-R4101
X302LAR4101 X302LA_C-1A X302LA_C1A
X302LJ X302LJ-1A X302LJ1A
X302LJ-1B X302LJ1B X302LJ-FN016H
X302LJFN016H X302LJ-FN017H X302LJFN017H
X302LJ-FN026H X302LJFN026H X302LJ-FN027H
X302LJFN027H X302LJ-FN037H X302LJFN037H
X302LJ-FN050H X302LJFN050H X302LJ-FN067H
X302LJFN067H X302LJ-FN081H X302LJFN081H
X302LJ-FN089H X302LJFN089H X302LJ-FN113T
X302LJFN113T X302LJ-FN115T X302LJFN115T
X302LJ-R4004H X302LJR4004H X302LJ-R4018D
X302LJR4018D X302LJ-R4020D X302LJR4020D
X302LJ-R4036H X302LJR4036H X302LJ-R4073
X302LJR4073 X302UA X302UA-1A
X302UA1A X302UA-1B X302UA1B
X302UA-FN037T X302UAFN037T X302UA-FN054
X302UAFN054 X302UA-FN054T X302UAFN054T
X302UA-R4010T X302UAR4010T X302UA-R4020T
X302UAR4020T X302UJ X302UJ-1A
X302UJ1A X302UJ-1B X302UJ1B
X302UJ-FN005T X302UJFN005T X302UJ-R4007T
X302UJR4007T X302UV X302UV-1A
X302UV1A X302UV-1B X302UV1B
X302UV-FN016T X302UVFN016T
Asus Series
F302LA-FN066H F302LAFN066H F302LA-FN067H
F302LAFN067H F302LA-FN073H F302LAFN073H
F302LA-FN081T F302LAFN081T F302LA-FN086H
F302LAFN086H F302LA-FN093T F302LAFN093T
F302LA-FN096T F302LAFN096T F302LA-FN113T
F302LAFN113T F302LA-FN165T F302LAFN165T
F302LA-FN186T F302LAFN186T F302LA-FN194T
F302LAFN194T F302LA-FN226T F302LAFN226T
F302LA-R4013H F302LAR4013H F302LJ-FN024H
F302LJFN024H F302LJ-FN055T F302LJFN055T
F302LJ-R4021H F302LJR4021H F302LJ-R4035T
F302LJR4035T F302LJ-R4051H F302LJR4051H
F302LJ-R4052H F302LJR4052H F302UA
F302UA-FN033T F302UAFN033T F302UA-FN150T
F302UAFN150T F302UA-FN187T F302UAFN187T
F302UA-FN205T F302UAFN205T F302UA-R4025T
F302UAR4025T F302UA-R4261T F302UAR4261T
F302UJ F302UJ-R F302UJR
F302UJ-R4025T F302UJR4025T F302UV
F302UV-FN024T F302UVFN024T F302UV-FN039T
F302UVFN039T P2330LA P2330UA
P2330UA-FN172R P2330UAFN172R P302LA
P302LJ P302UA P302UA-FN069R
P302UAFN069R P302UA-FN070R P302UAFN070R
P302UA-FN093R P302UAFN093R P302UA-FN176T
P302UAFN176T P302UA-FN181T P302UAFN181T
P302UA-FN230D P302UAFN230D P302UA-FN230T
P302UAFN230T P302UA-R4208T P302UAR4208T
P302UA-R4273T P302UAR4273T P302UJ
P302UV R301LA-FN020H R301LAFN020H
R301LA-FN043V R301LAFN043V R301LA-FN063H
R301LAFN063H R301LA-FN074D R301LAFN074D
R301LA-FN075G R301LAFN075G R301LA-FN124H
R301LAFN124H R301LA-FN161T R301LAFN161T
R301LA-FN218T R301LAFN218T R301LA-FN225T
R301LAFN225T R301LA-FN238T R301LAFN238T
R301LA-R286T R301LAR286T R301LA-R4144T
R301LAR4144T R301LA-R4240T R301LAR4240T
R301LJ-FN030T R301LJFN030T R301LJ-FN103T
R301LJFN103T R301LJ-FN105T R301LJFN105T
R301LJ-FN119T R301LJFN119T R301LJ-FN130T
R301LJFN130T R301LJ-FN135T R301LJFN135T
R301LJ-FN143T R301LJFN143T R301LJ-FN148T
R301LJFN148T R301LJ-FN153T R301LJFN153T
R301LJ-R4031D R301LJR4031D R301LJ-R4031H
R301LJR4031H R301LJ-R4031P R301LJR4031P
R301LJ-R4031V R301LJR4031V R301UA-FN005T
R301UAFN005T R301UA-FN031T R301UAFN031T
R301UA-FN032T R301UAFN032T R301UA-FN092T
R301UAFN092T R301UA-FN094T R301UAFN094T
R301UA-FN107T R301UAFN107T R301UA-FN115T
R301UAFN115T R301UA-FN133T R301UAFN133T
R301UA-FN135T R301UAFN135T R301UA-FN137T
R301UAFN137T R301UA-FN170T R301UAFN170T
R301UA-FN179T R301UAFN179T R301UA-FN196T
R301UAFN196T R301UA-FN197T R301UAFN197T
R301UA-FN224T R301UAFN224T R301UA-R4017T
R301UAR4017T R301UA-R4091T R301UAR4091T
R301UA-R4129T R301UAR4129T R301UA-R4217T
R301UAR4217T R301UA-R4262T R301UAR4262T
R301UA-R4270T R301UAR4270T R301UJ
R301UV-FN037T R301UVFN037T R301UV-FN061T
R301UVFN061T R301UV-FN062T R301UVFN062T
R301UV-FN072T R301UVFN072T X302L
X302UA-FN014D X302UAFN014D X302UA-FN174T
X302UAFN174T X302UA-FN193T X302UAFN193T
X302UA-FN257T X302UAFN257T X302UA-R4269T
Asus Series
F302LA F302LJ F302LJ-FN023H
F302LJFN023H F302LJ-R4025H F302LJR4025H
Asus R Series
R301LA-FN011H R301LAFN011H R301LA-FN028T
R301LAFN028T R301LA-FN043D R301LAFN043D
R301LA-FN043H R301LAFN043H R301LA-FN075H
R301LAFN075H R301LA-FN111H R301LAFN111H
R301LA-FN129H R301LAFN129H R301LA-FN185T
R301LAFN185T R301LA-FN237T R301LAFN237T
R301LA-FN260T R301LAFN260T R301LJ
R301LJ-FN068H R301LJFN068H R301LJ-FN070H
R301LJFN070H R301UA-FN089T R301UAFN089T
R301UV R301UV-FN026T R301UVFN026T

The above compatibility list is non-exhaustive. If your original part number or your laptop model number is not included in the compatibility list, but our battery may still fit your laptop. Please feel free to contact us to confirm the compatibility.

Asus C21N1423 Original Laptop Battery for 0B200-01360100 X302LA X302LA-1A X302LJ1B X302LJ-FN016H F302LA-FN066H P302LJ P302UA
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