Asus C21N1401 C21PP95 Original Laptop Battery for ASUS R454LA-WX462R X455LA7N X455LD7K X455LF-WX114T X454YAWX102D R455LF X454LJ

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Specifications :
  • Battery rating: 7.6V
  • Battery capacity: 37Wh
  • Type: rechargeable Li-Polymer battery
  • Battery color: Black
  • condition: New
  • CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified ensure safety.
  • 12-months Carry-In Replacement Warranty
  • 24 x 7 Call, WhatsApp, Email support.
  • Wholesale and Retail
Part Numbers :
0B200-01040000 0B20001040000 0B200-01040100
0B20001040100 0B200-01040200 0B20001040200
0B200-01040300 0B20001040300 0B200-01320000
0B20001320000 0B200-01320100 0B20001320100
0B200-01320200 0B20001320200 0B200-01320300
0B20001320300 0B200-01320400 0B20001320400
0B200-01320500 0B20001320500 0B200-01320600
0B20001320600 C21IN401 C21INI401
C21N1401 C21Pp95


Laptop Fit Models:

R454LA-WX462R R454LAWX462R R454LA-WX462T
R454LAWX462T R454LA-WX494AU R454LAWX494AU
R454LA-WX494T R454LAWX494T R454LA-WX516AU
R454LAWX516AU R454LA-WX656 R454LAWX656
R454LAB R454LD R454LDB
R454LF R454LJ R454LJ-WX148
R454LJWX148 R454LJ-WX149H R454LJWX149H
R454WA R454WE R454YA
R454YI R455LA R455LA-WX018H
R455LAWX018H R455LA-WX036D R455LAWX036D
R455LA-WX043H R455LAWX043H R455LA-WX083D
R455LAWX083D R455LA-WX083H R455LAWX083H
R455LA-WX120H R455LAWX120H R455LA-WX314T
R455LAWX314T R455LA-WX468T R455LAWX468T
R455LAB R455LD R455LD-WX031H
R455LDWX031H R455LD-WX093H R455LDWX093H
R455LD-WX099H R455LDWX099H R455LD-WX100H
R455LDWX100H R455LDB R455LF
R455LJ R455LJ-WX063H R455LJWX063H
R455LJ-WX165T R455LJWX165T R455LJ-WX274T
R455LJWX274T R455LJ-WX275T R455LJWX275T
R455LJ-WX342T R455LJWX342T R455LJ-WX386T
R455LJWX386T R455LJ-WX390 R455LJWX390
R455LJ-WX393T R455LJWX393T R455WA
R455WE R455YA R455YI
W409LD W409LDB W419L
X454DG X454LA X454LA-5005U
X454LA5005U X454LA-5010U X454LA5010U
X454LA-VX168D X454LAVX168D X454LA-VX177D
X454LAVX177D X454LA-VX215B X454LAVX215B
X454LA-VX289D X454LAVX289D X454LA-VX290D
X454LAVX290D X454LA-WX277D X454LAWX277D
X454LA-WX280T X454LAWX280T X454LA-WX292D
X454LAWX292D X454LA-WX301D X454LAWX301D
X454LA-WX375D X454LAWX375D X454LA-WX390D
X454LAWX390D X454LA-WX402T X454LAWX402T
X454LA-WX422D X454LAWX422D X454LA-WX424D
X454LAWX424D X454LA-WX426D X454LAWX426D
X454LA-WX473T X454LAWX473T X454LA-WX577D
X454LAWX577D X454LA-WX675D X454LAWX675D
X454LA-WX751D X454LAWX751D X454LAB
X454LD X454LD-VX152H X454LDVX152H
X454LD-VX246B X454LDVX246B X454LDB
X454LF X454LJ X454LJ-VX043D
X454LJVX043D X454LJ-VX044D X454LJVX044D
X454LJ-VX045D X454LJVX045D X454LJ-VX059H
X454LJVX059H X454LJ-VX074H X454LJVX074H
X454LJ-VX080D X454LJVX080D X454LJ-VX084D
X454LJVX084D X454LJ-VX099H X454LJVX099H
X454LJ-WX120H X454LJWX120H X454LJ-WX150B
X454LJWX150B X454LJ-WX151B X454LJWX151B
X454LJ-WX273T X454LJWX273T X454LJ-WX282T
X454LJWX282T X454LJ-WX319T X454LJWX319T
X454WA X454WA-VX004D X454WAVX004D
X454WA-VX005D X454WAVX005D X454WA-VX011D
X454WAVX011D X454WA-VX025D X454WAVX025D
X454WA-WX051D X454WAWX051D X454WE
X454YA X454YA-BX801D X454YABX801D
X454YA-BX802D X454YABX802D X454YA-EX101T
X454YAEX101T X454YA-WX006D X454YAWX006D
X454YA-WX033D X454YAWX033D X454YA-WX101D
X454YAWX101D X454YI X454YI-BX801D
X454YIBX801D X454YI-WX023T X454YIWX023T
X454YI-WX024D X454YIWX024D X454YI-WX601D
X454YIWX601D X454YI-WX602D X454YIWX602D
X455 X455DG X455DG-1A
X455DG1A X455L X455LA
X455LA-1A X455LA1A X455LA-1B
X455LA1B X455LA-3C X455LA3C
X455LA-3D X455LA3D X455LA-3E
X455LA3E X455LA-3F X455LA3F
X455LA-3G X455LA3G X455LA-3H
X455LA3H X455LA-4030U X455LA4030U
X455LA-7K X455LA7K X455LA-7L
X455LA7L X455LA-7M X455LA7M
X455LA-7N X455LA7N X455LA-N4030U
X455LAN4030U X455LA-WX002D X455LAWX002D
X455LA-WX004H X455LAWX004H X455LA-WX005H
X455LAWX005H X455LA-WX040H X455LAWX040H
X455LA-WX053D X455LAWX053D X455LA-WX053H
X455LAWX053H X455LA-WX054H X455LAWX054H
X455LA-WX055H X455LAWX055H X455LA-WX058D
X455LAWX058D X455LA-WX058H X455LAWX058H
X455LA-WX063D X455LAWX063D X455LA-WX078H
X455LAWX078H X455LA-WX080D X455LAWX080D
X455LA-WX081D X455LAWX081D X455LA-WX082D
X455LAWX082D X455LA-WX086 X455LAWX086
X455LA-WX127D X455LAWX127D X455LA-WX128D
X455LAWX128D X455LA-WX159D X455LAWX159D
X455LA-WX182 X455LAWX182 X455LA-WX213H
X455LAWX213H X455LA-WX222D X455LAWX222D
X455LA-WX235H X455LAWX235H X455LA-WX283H
X455LAWX283H X455LA-WX284H X455LAWX284H
X455LA-WX414T X455LAWX414T X455LAB
X455LD X455LD-1A X455LD1A
X455LD-1B X455LD1B X455LD-3D
X455LD3D X455LD-3E X455LD3E
X455LD-3F X455LD3F X455LD-3G
X455LD3G X455LD-3H X455LD3H
X455LD-7K X455LD7K X455LD-7L
X455LD7L X455LD-WX006H X455LDWX006H
X455LD-WX012H X455LDWX012H X455LD-WX013H
X455LDWX013H X455LD-WX018H X455LDWX018H
X455LD-WX022H X455LDWX022H X455LD-WX045D
X455LDWX045D X455LD-WX045H X455LDWX045H
X455LD-WX098H X455LDWX098H X455LD-WX110D
X455LDWX110D X455LD-WX168D X455LDWX168D
X455LD-WX174H X455LDWX174H X455LD-WX203D
X455LDWX203D X455LD-WX204D X455LDWX204D
X455LDB X455LF X455LF-1A
X455LF1A X455LF-1B X455LF1B
X455LF-3C X455LF3C X455LF-3D
X455LF3D X455LF-3E X455LF3E
X455LF-3F X455LF3F X455LF-3G
X455LF3G X455LF-3H X455LF3H
X455LJ-1A X455LJ1A X455LJ-1B
X455LJ1B X455LJ-3C X455LJ3C
X455LJ-3D X455LJ3D X455LJ-3E
X455LJ3E X455LJ-3F X455LJ3F
X455LJ-3G X455LJ3G X455LJ-3H
X455LJ3H X455LJ-7K X455LJ7K
X455LJ-7L X455LJ7L X455LJ-7M
X455LJ7M X455LJ-7N X455LJ7N
X455LJ-WX083D X455LJWX083D X455LJ-WX196H
X455LJWX196H X455WA-7L X455WA7L
Y483LD Y483LDB
Asus Series
X454YA-WX102D X454YAWX102D X454YA-WX103D
X454YAWX103D X455DG-WX027D X455DGWX027D
X455DG-WX030T X455DGWX030T X455LF-WX031DC
X455LFWX031DC X455LF-WX055T X455LFWX055T
X455LF-WX062T X455LFWX062T X455LF-WX067D
X455LFWX067D X455LF-WX084T X455LFWX084T
X455LF-WX113T X455LFWX113T X455LF-WX114T

The above compatibility list is non-exhaustive. If your original part number or your laptop model number is not included in the compatibility list, but our battery may still fit your laptop. Please feel free to contact us to confirm the compatibility.

Asus C21N1401 C21PP95 Original Laptop Battery for ASUS R454LA-WX462R X455LA7N X455LD7K X455LF-WX114T X454YAWX102D R455LF X454LJ
Asus C21N1401 C21...
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