Lenovo L14L2P22 Laptop Battery for L14M2P24 35042347 5B10H13092 L14S2P22 E31-70(80KC003EGE) U30-80A U3170A U41-70 IdeaPad 100-14IBY

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Specifications :
  • Battery rating: 7.6V
  • Battery capacity: 35Wh
  • Type: rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Battery color: Black
  • Condition: New
  • CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified ensure safety.
  • 12-months Carry-In Replacement Warranty
  • 24 x 7 Call, WhatsApp, Email support.
  • Wholesale and Retail
Part Numbers :
35042347 5B10H13092 5B10H13096
5B10H17229 5B10H17230 5B10K10175
5B10K10178 5B10K10219 5B10K10222
L14L2P22 L14M2P24 L14S2P22
Laptop Fit Models:
Lenovo E Series
E31-70(80KC003EGE) E3170(80KC003EGE) E31-70(80KW)
E3170(80KW) E31-70(80KX0007GE) E3170(80KX0007GE)
E31-70(80KX0008GE) E3170(80KX0008GE) E31-70(80KX000AGE)
E3170(80KX000AGE) E31-70(80KX0071CK) E3170(80KX0071CK)
E31-70(80KX00F1GE) E3170(80KX00F1GE) E31-70(80KX00QFGE)
E3170(80KX00QFGE) E31-70(80KX00QHGE) E3170(80KX00QHGE)
E31-70(80KX015SGE) E3170(80KX015SGE) E31-70(80KX01G2GE)
E3170(80KX01G2GE) E31-70(80KX01H7GE) E3170(80KX01H7GE)
E31-70-80KC E317080KC E31-80(80MX0094GE)
E3180(80MX0094GE) E31-80(80MX0095GE) E3180(80MX0095GE)
E31-80(80MX0098GE) E3180(80MX0098GE) E31-80(80MX0109GE)
E3180(80MX0109GE) E31-80-80KX0007GE E318080KX0007GE
Lenovo Series
U30-80A U3080A U31-70 80M5007BUS
U3170 80M5007BUS U31-70 80M5007CUS U3170 80M5007CUS
U31-70 80M5007DUS U3170 80M5007DUS U31-70 80M5007EUS
U3170 80M5007EUS U31-70 80M5007FUS U3170 80M5007FUS
U31-70 80M5007GUS U3170 80M5007GUS U31-70 80M5007HCF
U3170 80M5007HCF U31-70 80M5007JCF U3170 80M5007JCF
U31-70 80M5007KCF U3170 80M5007KCF U31-70 80M500E0US
U3170 80M500E0US U31-70 80M500E1US U3170 80M500E1US
U31-70 80M500E2US U3170 80M500E2US U31-70 80M500E4US
U3170 80M500E4US U31-70 80M500E5US U3170 80M500E5US
U31-70 80M500E7US U3170 80M500E7US U31-70(80M50069GE)
Lenovo Series
E31-70 80KX015RGE E3170 80KX015RGE E31-80 80MX0107GE
E3180 80MX0107GE IdeaPad 500S-13ISK IdeaPad 500S13ISK
IdeaPad 510S-13 IdeaPad 510S13 IdeaPad 510S-13IKB
IdeaPad 510S13IKB IdeaPad 510S-13IKB-80V0 IdeaPad 510S13IKB80V0
IdeaPad 510S-13IKB-80V00010GE IdeaPad 510S13IKB80V00010GE IdeaPad 510S-13IKB-80V00026GE
IdeaPad 510S13IKB80V00026GE IdeaPad 510S-13IKB-80V0004FGE IdeaPad 510S13IKB80V0004FGE
IdeaPad 510S-13IKB-80V0005DGE IdeaPad 510S13IKB80V0005DGE IdeaPad 510S-13IKB-80V0005PMH
IdeaPad 510S13IKB80V0005PMH U31 U31-70
U3170 U31-70(80M5003CGE) U3170(80M5003CGE)
U31-70(80M5003DGE) U3170(80M5003DGE) U31-70(80M5003EGE)
U3170(80M5003EGE) U31-70(80M5006UGE) U3170(80M5006UGE)
U31-70(80M5006WGE) U3170(80M5006WGE) U31-70(80M5006XGE)
U3170(80M5006XGE) U31-70(80M5008KGE) U3170(80M5008KGE)
U31-70(80M500A9GE) U3170(80M500A9GE) U31-70(80M500ADGE)
U3170(80M500ADGE) U31-70(80M500AGGE) U3170(80M500AGGE)
U31-70(80M500FLGE) U3170(80M500FLGE) U31-70(80M500FMGE)
U3170(80M500FMGE) U31-70(80M500FSGE) U3170(80M500FSGE)
U31-70(80M500FVGE) U3170(80M500FVGE) U31-70-IFI
U3170IFI U31-70-ITH U3170ITH
U31-70A U3170A U41-70
Lenovo Series
IdeaPad 100-14IBY IdeaPad 10014IBY Ideapad 100-14IBY 80MH000XUS
Ideapad 10014IBY 80MH000XUS Ideapad 100-14IBY 80MH000YUS Ideapad 10014IBY 80MH000YUS
Ideapad 100-14IBY 80MH0012US Ideapad 10014IBY 80MH0012US Ideapad 100-14IBY 80MH005HUS
Ideapad 10014IBY 80MH005HUS Ideapad 100-14IBY 80MH005KUS Ideapad 10014IBY 80MH005KUS
Ideapad 100-14IBY 80MH005LUS Ideapad 10014IBY 80MH005LUS IdeaPad 100-14IBY(80MH003TGE)
IdeaPad 10014IBY(80MH003TGE) IdeaPad 100-14IBY(80MH007NGE) IdeaPad 10014IBY(80MH007NGE)
IdeaPad 100-14IBY(80MH009NGE) IdeaPad 10014IBY(80MH009NGE) Ideapad 500S-13ISK 80Q2003LAU
Ideapad 500S13ISK 80Q2003LAU Ideapad 500S-13ISK 80Q2003MAU Ideapad 500S13ISK 80Q2003MAU
Ideapad 500S-13ISK 80Q2003NAU Ideapad 500S13ISK 80Q2003NAU IdeaPad 500S-13ISK(80Q2)
IdeaPad 500S13ISK(80Q2) IdeaPad 500S-13ISK(80Q20034GE) IdeaPad 500S13ISK(80Q20034GE)
IdeaPad 500S-13ISK(80Q20035GE) IdeaPad 500S13ISK(80Q20035GE) IdeaPad 500S-13ISK(80Q20036GE)
IdeaPad 500S13ISK(80Q20036GE) IdeaPad 500S-13ISK(80Q20037GE) IdeaPad 500S13ISK(80Q20037GE)
IdeaPad 500S-13ISK(80Q2007FGE) IdeaPad 500S13ISK(80Q2007FGE) IdeaPad 500S-13ISK(80Q2007GGE)
IdeaPad 500S13ISK(80Q2007GGE) IdeaPad 500S-13ISK(80Q2008HGE) IdeaPad 500S13ISK(80Q2008HGE)
Ideapad 510S-13ISK 80SJ0012AU Ideapad 510S13ISK 80SJ0012AU Ideapad 510S-13ISK 80SJ004SAU
Ideapad 510S13ISK 80SJ004SAU Ideapad 510S-13ISK 80SJ0066AU Ideapad 510S13ISK 80SJ0066AU
Ideapad 510S-13ISK 80SJZ27MWW Ideapad 510S13ISK 80SJZ27MWW Ideapad 510S-13ISK 80SJZ27RWW
Ideapad 510S13ISK 80SJZ27RWW IdeaPad 510S-13ISK(80SJ)Serie IdeaPad 510S13ISK(80SJ)Serie
IdeaPad 510S-13ISK(80SJ000BGE) IdeaPad 510S13ISK(80SJ000BGE) IdeaPad 510S-13ISK(80SJ0019GE)
IdeaPad 510S13ISK(80SJ0019GE) IdeaPad 510S-13ISK(80SJ001AGE) IdeaPad 510S13ISK(80SJ001AGE)
IdeaPad 510S-13ISK(80SJ001BGE) IdeaPad 510S13ISK(80SJ001BGE) IdeaPad 510S-13ISK(80SJ001CGE)
IdeaPad 510S13ISK(80SJ001CGE) Ideapad 510S-13ISK-80Q2 Ideapad 510S13ISK80Q2
Ideapad 510S-13ISK-80SJ Ideapad 510S13ISK80SJ IdeaPad E31-70
IdeaPad E3170 IdeaPad E31-70(80KX0007GE) IdeaPad E3170(80KX0007GE)
IdeaPad E31-70(80KX00E6RK) IdeaPad E3170(80KX00E6RK) IdeaPad E31-70(80KX00QHGE)
IdeaPad E3170(80KX00QHGE) IdeaPad E31-70(80KX015RGE) IdeaPad E3170(80KX015RGE)
Lenovo Series
E31-80 E3180 E31-80-IFI
E3180IFI E31-80-ISE E3180ISE
E31-80-ITH E3180ITH

The above compatibility list is non-exhaustive. If your original part number or your laptop model number is not included in the compatibility list, but our battery may still fit your laptop. Please feel free to contact us to confirm the compatibility.

Lenovo L14L2P22 Laptop Battery for L14M2P24 35042347 5B10H13092 L14S2P22 E31-70(80KC003EGE) U30-80A U3170A U41-70 IdeaPad 100-14IBY
Lenovo L14L2P22 L...
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