REPLACEMENT 65W ACER ASPIRE 5 A515-52G, A515-52G-54CU,E5-421 E5-471 E5-471G E5-511 E5-511P E5-521 E5-521G E5-531G LAPTOP ADAPTER

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Laptop Adapters


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  • Input Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60hz
  • Output Voltage: 19 V
  • Output Current: 3.42A
  • Wattage: 65 W
  • Compatible devices: Laptop
  • Connector: 5.5mm*1.7mm
  • Color: Black
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Product Dimensions: 21.34 x 14.48 x 3.81 cm
  • Weight: 309 Grams


A065R094L, A11-065N1A, ADP-65DE B,

25.10068.501, 25.10068.611, 25.10068.801, 25.10110.001, 25.10110.251, 25.10143.003, 25.10172.001, 25.10173.002, 91.40F28.002, 91.41Q28.001, 91.41Q28.002, 91.41Q28.003, 91.42S28.002, 91.44G28.002, 91.46W28.002, 91.47A28.004, 91.48428.6A1, 91.48R28.003, 91.AA135.001, ADP-65DB, AK.065AP.013, AP.00903.001, AP.00903.002, AP.06501.003, AP.06501.005, AP.06501.007, AP.06501.010, AP.06501.013, AP.06501.026, AP.06503.002, AP.06503.006, AP.06503.008, AP.06503.009, AP.06503.011, AP.06503.013, AP.06503.014, AP.06503.016, AP.06503.024, AP.06506.001, AP.06506.003, AP.06506.004, AP.0650A.001, AP.0650A.012, AP.09001.004, AP.09001.010, AP.09001.013, AP.09001.027, AP.09003.002, AP.09003.005, AP.09003.011, AP.09003.021, AP.09006.004, AP.0900A.005, AP.A0103.001, AP.A0201.003, AP.A0305.003, COMPATIBLE MODELS NUMBERS:

3820TG-334G50N       Aspire E5-571-3929     Aspire Swift 3 SF314-56G         Swift 3 SF314-54G-52L8 TravelMate 3300WXMI

AS3810T-352G32NA   Aspire E5-571-53KB     Aspire V3-472PG         Swift 3 SF314-54G-52WL         TravelMate 3304NWXCI

AS3810TZ-414G32N    Aspire E5-571-5552     Aspire V3-472PG-52WP           Swift 3 SF314-54G-56J9           TravelMate 3304WXNI

AS3810TZ-4880           Aspire E5-571-611P     Aspire V3-472PG-56UG           Swift 3 SF314-54G-56MC        TravelMate 360 Series

AS3820TG-434G50N   Aspire E5-571G-38VF  Aspire V3-572G-54L9  Swift 3 SF314-54G-571N         TravelMate 4050LC

AS4810TZ-4982           Aspire E5-571G-50R8  Aspire V3-572PG         Swift 3 SF314-54G-58DZ         TravelMate 4102NWLCI

AS4820T-333G25MN  Aspire E5-571G-52WZ Aspire V3-572PG-767J Swift 3 SF314-54G-58RV          TravelMate 4102WLCI

AS5710ZG        Aspire E5-571G-565W Aspire ZC-605  Swift 3 SF314-54G-815P          TravelMate 4150WLMI

AS5715Z-2A2G08MI    Aspire E5-571G-575Y  D525    Swift 3 SF314-54G-81AK          TravelMate 4151LM

AS5720G-3A2G16       Aspire E5-571G-60PM E5-571PG-36MT          Swift 3 SF314-54G-82HF          TravelMate 4222WLMI

AS5810TZ-4784           Aspire E5-571G-717X  E5-572G-50FF Swift 3 SF314-54G-8348          TravelMate 4335

AS5920G-302G25HI    Aspire E5-571G-72LC  E5-572G-57DW           Swift 3 SF314-54G-85TD          TravelMate 435L

AS5920G-3A2G25MN Aspire E5-571P-302Z   E5-572G-74CD            Swift 3 SF314-54G-877L          TravelMate 435LM

AS5920G-602G16        Aspire E5-571PG          E5-572G-74YY Swift 3 SF314-54G-899V          TravelMate 4402LCI

AS6920G-594G32BN   Aspire E5-571PG-524H            E5-575G-534D            Swift 3 SF314-54G-89L8          TravelMate 4502LC

AS6920G-814G32BN   Aspire E5-572G-78HY  E5-575G-53B8 Swift 3 SF314-56-31NC           TravelMate 4603WLMI

AS6920G-934G32BN   Aspire E5-573-30CT     E5-576G-503Y Swift 3 SF314-56-37ST TravelMate 4604WLM

AS6930G-BC32F          Aspire E5-573-355R     E5-576G-52UV            Swift 3 SF314-56-53V9            TravelMate 4652WLCI

AS6935GSeries Aspire E5-573-505F     E5-576G-58AQ            Swift 3 SF314-56-5402            TravelMate 4672LMI

AS6935G-734G32BN   Aspire E5-573-515T     ENLV44HC       Swift 3 SF314-56-5427            TravelMate 4750Z

AS7720G-302G25MN  Aspire E5-573-548N    EX215-51G-53X2         Swift 3 SF314-56-543S TravelMate 5100 Series

AS7720G-5A2G16MI   Aspire E5-573-55KL     EX215-51G-54TP         Swift 3 SF314-56-544M           TravelMate 5520

AS8930G-643G25MN  Aspire E5-573-56SW    EX215-51G-5732         Swift 3 SF314-56-553E TravelMate 5520-6A1G08MI

AS8930G-644G50BN   Aspire E5-573G-30J6   EX215-51G-58RW        Swift 3 SF314-56-57HQ           TravelMate 5520-7A2G16MI

Aspire 1681WLC          Aspire E5-573G-35FD  Extensa 2303WLM       Swift 3 SF314-56-586M           TravelMate 5530

Aspire 3 A315-41G-R4PC         Aspire E5-573G-56BN  Extensa 2900    Swift 3 SF314-56-58MH           TravelMate 5623AWSMI

Aspire 3 A315-41G-R6KL         Aspire E5-573G-7239  Extensa 3001WLM       Swift 3 SF314-56-59BP            TravelMate 5625WLMI

Aspire 3 A315-41G-R7QX        Aspire E5-573G-76HL  Extensa 3002WLM       Swift 3 SF314-56-77US            TravelMate 5720-5B2G25MN

Aspire 3 A315-41G-R7R0         Aspire E5-574G-56U6  Extensa 3102WXMI      Swift 3 SF314-56G-50N4         TravelMate 5720-601G16

Aspire 3 A315-53-3287           Aspire E5-574G-705F   Extensa 3103WLMI      Swift 3 SF314-56G-522J           TravelMate 5720-603G25MN

Aspire 3 A315-53-35FQ           Aspire E5-574G-718Z  Extensa 4210    Swift 3 SF314-56G-54QQ        TravelMate 5720G-812G25

Aspire 3 A315-53-578V           Aspire E5-575-35YA     Extensa 4630G Swift 3 SF314-56G-55DA         TravelMate 5740

Aspire 3 A315-53-57R2           Aspire E5-575-565G    Extensa 515      Swift 3 SF314-56G-56E8          TravelMate 5740-333G25MN

Aspire 3103WLMI        Aspire E5-575-57LJ      Extensa 5220-1A1G12 Swift 3 SF314-56G-57A7          TravelMate 5760

Aspire 3200      Aspire E5-575G-333X  Extensa 5220-201G08  Swift 3 SF314-56G-59RF          TravelMate 6003LCI

Aspire 3628WXMI        Aspire E5-575G-5132  Extensa 5420G Series   Swift 3 SF314-56G-78J7           TravelMate 6004

REPLACEMENT 65W ACER ASPIRE 5 A515-52G, A515-52G-54CU,E5-421 E5-471 E5-471G E5-511 E5-511P E5-521 E5-521G E5-531G LAPTOP ADAPTER
Regular price Save -Liquid error (snippets/product-price line 31): Computation results in '-Infinity'% 102.50 SR
Regular price 102.50 SR