New LENOVO L15C2PB1 Laptop Battery for Yoga 51014AST 80S9000AAU Yoga 510-14AST 80S9000BAU5B10M50525 5B10M50528 L15L2PB1 L15M2PB1 YOGA 510 Yoga 510-14AST

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Specifications :
  • Battery rating: 7.6V
  • Battery capacity: 35Wh
  • Type: rechargeable Li-Polymer battery
  • Battery color: black
  • Condition: New
Part Numbers :
5B10K84491 5B10K84493 5B10K84639
5B10K85056 5B10M50524 5B10M50525
5B10M50528 L15C2PB1 L15L2PB1
Laptop Fit Models:
Lenovo Series
IdeaPad Yoga 510-14ISK(80S7002JGE) IdeaPad Yoga 51014ISK(80S7002JGE)
Lenovo Series
YOGA 510 Yoga 510-14AST Yoga 51014AST
YOGA 510-14AST 80S9 YOGA 51014AST 80S9 Yoga 510-14AST(80S9)
Yoga 51014AST(80S9) Yoga 510-14AST(80S9000LGE) Yoga 51014AST(80S9000LGE)
Yoga 510-14AST(80S9002MGE) Yoga 51014AST(80S9002MGE) Yoga 510-14AST(80S90030GE)
Yoga 51014AST(80S90030GE) Yoga 510-14IKB Yoga 51014IKB
YOGA 510-14IKB 80VB YOGA 51014IKB 80VB YOGA 510-14IKB 80YM
YOGA 51014IKB 80YM Yoga 510-14IKB(80VB) Yoga 51014IKB(80VB)
Yoga 510-14IKB(80VB004DGE) Yoga 51014IKB(80VB004DGE) Yoga 510-14IKB(80VB004RMJ)
Yoga 51014IKB(80VB004RMJ) Yoga 510-14IKB(80VB0059PB) Yoga 51014IKB(80VB0059PB)
Yoga 510-14IKB(80VB005LGE) Yoga 51014IKB(80VB005LGE) Yoga 510-14IKB(80VB006NGE)
Yoga 51014IKB(80VB006NGE) Yoga 510-14IKB(80VB0081GE) Yoga 51014IKB(80VB0081GE)
Yoga 510-14IKB(80VB008NGE) Yoga 51014IKB(80VB008NGE) Yoga 510-14IKB(80VB008PGE)
Yoga 51014IKB(80VB008PGE) Yoga 510-14IKB-80VB004DGE Yoga 51014IKB80VB004DGE
Yoga 510-14isk Yoga 51014isk YOGA 510-14ISK 80S7
YOGA 51014ISK 80S7 Yoga 510-14ISK 80S700GLGE Yoga 51014ISK 80S700GLGE
YOGA 510-14ISK 80UK YOGA 51014ISK 80UK Yoga 510-14ISK(80S7)
Yoga 51014ISK(80S7) Yoga 510-14ISK(80S70016GE) Yoga 51014ISK(80S70016GE)
Yoga 510-14ISK(80S7002LGE) Yoga 51014ISK(80S7002LGE) Yoga 510-14ISK(80S7006CGE)
Yoga 51014ISK(80S7006CGE) Yoga 510-14ISK(80S700ADGE) Yoga 51014ISK(80S700ADGE)
Yoga 510-14ISK(80S700DEGE) Yoga 51014ISK(80S700DEGE) Yoga 510-14ISK(80S700FDGE)
Yoga 51014ISK(80S700FDGE) Yoga 510-14ISK(80S700FUGE) Yoga 51014ISK(80S700FUGE)
Yoga 510-14ISK(80S700K4GE) Yoga 51014ISK(80S700K4GE) Yoga 510-14ISK-80S700ADGE
Yoga 51014ISK80S700ADGE Yoga 510-15IKB(80VC) Yoga 51015IKB(80VC)
Yoga 510-15IKB(80VC000WGE) Yoga 51015IKB(80VC000WGE) Yoga 510-15IKB(80VC000XGE)
Yoga 51015IKB(80VC000XGE) Yoga 510-15IKB(80VC001NGE) Yoga 51015IKB(80VC001NGE)
Yoga 510-15IKB(80VC0037GE) Yoga 51015IKB(80VC0037GE) Yoga 510-15ISK(80S8/80SR)
Yoga 51015ISK(80S8/80SR) Yoga 510-15ISK(80S8000FGE) Yoga 51015ISK(80S8000FGE)
Yoga 510-15ISK(80S80012GE) Yoga 51015ISK(80S80012GE) Yoga 510-15ISK(80SR00DWMB)
Yoga 51015ISK(80SR00DWMB) Yoga 510-15ISK(80SR00EBMB) Yoga 51015ISK(80SR00EBMB)
Yoga 520-14IK(80X80097GE) Yoga 52014IK(80X80097GE) Yoga 520-14IKB
Yoga 52014IKB Yoga 520-14IKB(80X8/81C8/80YM) Yoga 52014IKB(80X8/81C8/80YM)
Yoga 520-14IKB(80X8001TGE) Yoga 52014IKB(80X8001TGE) Yoga 520-14IKB(80X80098GE)
Yoga 52014IKB(80X80098GE) Yoga 520-14IKB(80X80099GE) Yoga 52014IKB(80X80099GE)
Yoga 520-14IKB(80X8009AGE) Yoga 52014IKB(80X8009AGE) Yoga 520-14IKB(80X8009BGE)
Yoga 52014IKB(80X8009BGE) Yoga 520-14IKB(80X8009DGE) Yoga 52014IKB(80X8009DGE)
Yoga 520-14IKB(80X8009FGE) Yoga 52014IKB(80X8009FGE) Yoga 520-14IKB(80X8009GGE)
Yoga 52014IKB(80X8009GGE) Yoga 520-14IKB(80X800JKGE) Yoga 52014IKB(80X800JKGE)
Yoga 520-14IKB(80X800KHGE) Yoga 52014IKB(80X800KHGE) Yoga 520-14IKB(80X800MGGE)
Yoga 52014IKB(80X800MGGE) Yoga 520-14IKB(80X800MHGE) Yoga 52014IKB(80X800MHGE)
Yoga 520-14IKB(80X800RDGE) Yoga 52014IKB(80X800RDGE) Yoga 520-14IKB(80X800REGE)
Yoga 52014IKB(80X800REGE) Yoga 520-14IKB(80X800RGGE) Yoga 52014IKB(80X800RGGE)
Yoga 520-14IKB(80X800RHGE) Yoga 52014IKB(80X800RHGE) Yoga 520-14IKB(80X800RJGE)
Yoga 52014IKB(80X800RJGE) Yoga 520-14IKB(80X800WVGE) Yoga 52014IKB(80X800WVGE)
Yoga 520-14IKB(80X800YVGE) Yoga 52014IKB(80X800YVGE) Yoga 520-14IKB(80X800YXGE)
Yoga 52014IKB(80X800YXGE) Yoga 520-14IKB(80X80166GE) Yoga 52014IKB(80X80166GE)
Yoga 520-14IKB(81C8001DGE) Yoga 52014IKB(81C8001DGE) Yoga 520-14IKB(81C800H1GE)
Yoga 52014IKB(81C800H1GE) Yoga 520-14IKB(81C800H2GE) Yoga 52014IKB(81C800H2GE)
Yoga 520-14IKB-81C8001DGE Yoga 52014IKB81C8001DGE
Lenovo Series
YG 510-14AST-80S9000AAU YG 51014AST80S9000AAU YG 510-14AST-80S9000BAU
YG 51014AST80S9000BAU YG 510-14IKB 80VB003BAU YG 51014IKB 80VB003BAU
YG 510-14IKB 80VB004XAU YG 51014IKB 80VB004XAU YG 510-14ISK 80S700BPAU
YG 51014ISK 80S700BPAU YG 510-14ISK 80S700BRAU YG 51014ISK 80S700BRAU
YG 510-14ISK-80S700BKAU YG 51014ISK80S700BKAU YG 510-14ISK-80S700BLAU
YG 51014ISK80S700BLAU YG 510-14ISK-80S700BNAU YG 51014ISK80S700BNAU
YG 510-14ISK-80S700BQAU YG 51014ISK80S700BQAU Yoga 510-14AST 80S9000AAU
Yoga 51014AST 80S9000AAU Yoga 510-14AST 80S9000BAU
New LENOVO L15C2PB1 Laptop Battery for Yoga 51014AST 80S9000AAU Yoga 510-14AST 80S9000BAU5B10M50525 5B10M50528 L15L2PB1 L15M2PB1 YOGA 510 Yoga 510-14AST
New LENOVO L15C2P...
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Regular price 243.23 SR