New Lenovo L14M3P24 L14S3P24 Laptop Battery for 5B10H41181 Ideapad 70015 700-15ISK Legion Y520 15IKBM-80YY0060US Legion Y52015IKBM80Y

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Specifications :
  • Battery rating: 11.1V
  • Battery capacity: 45Wh
  • Type: rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Battery color: black
  • Condition: New
Part Numbers :
5B10H41180 5B10H41181 L14M3P24
Laptop Fit Models:
Lenovo Ideapad Series
Ideapad 700-15 Ideapad 70015 Ideapad 700-15ISK
Ideapad 70015ISK IdeaPad 700-15ISK 80RU00G3AU IdeaPad 70015ISK 80RU00G3AU
IdeaPad 700-15ISK(80RU) IdeaPad 70015ISK(80RU) IdeaPad 700-15ISK(80RU0008GE)
IdeaPad 70015ISK(80RU0008GE) IdeaPad 700-15ISK(80RU0009GE) IdeaPad 70015ISK(80RU0009GE)
IdeaPad 700-15ISK(80RU005NGE) IdeaPad 70015ISK(80RU005NGE) IdeaPad 700-15ISK(80RU005PGE)
IdeaPad 70015ISK(80RU005PGE) IdeaPad 700-15ISK(80RU005QGE) IdeaPad 70015ISK(80RU005QGE)
IdeaPad 700-15ISK(80RU0091GE) IdeaPad 70015ISK(80RU0091GE) IdeaPad 700-15ISK(80RU00DJGE)
IdeaPad 70015ISK(80RU00DJGE) IdeaPad 700-15ISK(80RU00DKGE) IdeaPad 70015ISK(80RU00DKGE)
IdeaPad 700-15ISK(80RU00KFGE) IdeaPad 70015ISK(80RU00KFGE) IdeaPad 700-15ISK(80RU00L0GE)
IdeaPad 70015ISK(80RU00L0GE) IdeaPad 700-15ISK(80RU00L1GE) IdeaPad 70015ISK(80RU00L1GE)
IdeaPad 700-15ISK(80RU00L2GE) IdeaPad 70015ISK(80RU00L2GE) IdeaPad 700-15ISK(80RU00MCGE)
IdeaPad 70015ISK(80RU00MCGE) IdeaPad 700-15ISK(80RU00Q5GE) IdeaPad 70015ISK(80RU00Q5GE)
IdeaPad 700-15ISK-80RU008PMH IdeaPad 70015ISK80RU008PMH Ideapad 700-15ISK-80RU00L2GE
Ideapad 70015ISK80RU00L2GE Ideapad 700-15ISK-80RU00VPSP Ideapad 70015ISK80RU00VPSP
IdeaPad 700-17ISK IdeaPad 70017ISK IdeaPad 700-17ISK 80RV003NAU
IdeaPad 70017ISK 80RV003NAU IdeaPad 700-17ISK 80RV00ACAU IdeaPad 70017ISK 80RV00ACAU
IdeaPad 700-17ISK(80RU005PGE) IdeaPad 70017ISK(80RU005PGE) IdeaPad 700-17ISK(80RV)
IdeaPad 70017ISK(80RV) IdeaPad 700-17ISK(80RV000XGE) IdeaPad 70017ISK(80RV000XGE)
IdeaPad 700-17ISK(80RV000YGE) IdeaPad 70017ISK(80RV000YGE) IdeaPad 700-17ISK(80RV0010GE)
IdeaPad 70017ISK(80RV0010GE) IdeaPad 700-17ISK(80RV001KGE) IdeaPad 70017ISK(80RV001KGE)
IdeaPad 700-17ISK(80RV0030GE) IdeaPad 70017ISK(80RV0030GE) IdeaPad 700-17ISK(80RV0031GE)
IdeaPad 70017ISK(80RV0031GE) IdeaPad 700-17ISK(80RV0032GE) IdeaPad 70017ISK(80RV0032GE)
IdeaPad 700-17ISK(80RV0033GE) IdeaPad 70017ISK(80RV0033GE) IdeaPad 700-17ISK(80RV0070GE)
IdeaPad 70017ISK(80RV0070GE) IdeaPad 700-17ISK(80RV0071GE) IdeaPad 70017ISK(80RV0071GE)
IdeaPad 700-17ISK(80RV00A4GE) IdeaPad 70017ISK(80RV00A4GE) ideapad Y700-14ISK
ideapad Y70014ISK IdeaPad Y700-14ISK 80NU001AAU IdeaPad Y70014ISK 80NU001AAU
IdeaPad Y700-14ISK 80NU001BAU IdeaPad Y70014ISK 80NU001BAU IdeaPad Y700-14ISK 80NU0025AU
IdeaPad Y70014ISK 80NU0025AU IdeaPad Y700-14ISK 80NU0026AU IdeaPad Y70014ISK 80NU0026AU
IdeaPad Y700-14ISK(80NU) IdeaPad Y70014ISK(80NU) IdeaPad Y700-14ISK(80NU000WUS)
IdeaPad Y70014ISK(80NU000WUS)
Lenovo Series
Legion Y520 15IKBM-80YY0060US Legion Y520 15IKBM80YY0060US Legion Y520 15IKBN-80WK00FHUS
Legion Y520 15IKBN80WK00FHUS Legion Y520 15IKBN-80WK0106AU Legion Y520 15IKBN80WK0106AU
Legion Y520 15IKBN-80WKCTO1WW Legion Y520 15IKBN80WKCTO1WW Legion Y520 80WK011GMX
Legion Y520 80WK019HIX Legion Y520-15IKB 80WK Legion Y52015IKB 80WK
Legion Y520-15IKB 80WK00DVPG Legion Y52015IKB 80WK00DVPG Legion Y520-15IKB 80WK00DXPG
Legion Y52015IKB 80WK00DXPG Legion Y520-15IKB 80WK00MMPG Legion Y52015IKB 80WK00MMPG
Legion Y520-15IKB 80WK0117PG Legion Y52015IKB 80WK0117PG Legion Y520-15IKB 80YY
Legion Y52015IKB 80YY Legion Y520-15IKB 80YY0084PG Legion Y52015IKB 80YY0084PG
Legion Y520-15IKB-010 Legion Y52015IKB010 Legion Y520-15IKB-170
Legion Y52015IKB170 Legion Y520-15IKB-173 Legion Y52015IKB173
Legion Y520-15IKB-187 Legion Y52015IKB187 Legion Y520-15IKB-194
Legion Y52015IKB194 Legion Y520-15IKB-200 Legion Y52015IKB200
Legion Y520-15IKB-203 Legion Y52015IKB203 Legion Y520-15IKB-255
Legion Y52015IKB255 Legion Y520-15IKB-308 Legion Y52015IKB308
Legion Y520-15IKB-460 Legion Y52015IKB460 Legion Y520-15IKB-696
Legion Y52015IKB696 Legion Y520-15IKB-951 Legion Y52015IKB951
Legion Y520-15IKBM 80YY0023PG Legion Y52015IKBM 80YY0023PG Legion Y520-15IKBM-308
Legion Y52015IKBM308 Legion Y520-15IKBM-308 80YY0023PG Legion Y52015IKBM308 80YY0023PG
Legion Y520-15IKBM-80Y Legion Y52015IKBM80Y Legion Y520-15IKBN 80WK00HCAU
Legion Y52015IKBN 80WK00HCAU Legion Y520-15IKBN 80WK00K7AU Legion Y52015IKBN 80WK00K7AU
Legion Y520-15IKBN 80WK00TFPG Legion Y52015IKBN 80WK00TFPG Legion Y520-15IKBN 80WK01BAPG
Legion Y52015IKBN 80WK01BAPG Legion Y520-15IKBN 80WY000DGE Legion Y52015IKBN 80WY000DGE
Legion Y520-15IKBN 80YL Legion Y52015IKBN 80YL Legion Y520-15IKBN 81BF
Legion Y52015IKBN 81BF
New Lenovo L14M3P24 L14S3P24 Laptop Battery for 5B10H41181 Ideapad 70015 700-15ISK Legion Y520 15IKBM-80YY0060US Legion Y52015IKBM80Y
New Lenovo L14M3P...
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