LENOVO Original L17L3PE0 L17C3PE0 Laptop Battery for SB10W67330 5B10Q39197 Yoga 730 Yoga 730151KB Yoga 730-15IBK YOGA 730-15IWL

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Specifications :
  • Battery rating: 11.4V
  • Battery capacity: 51.5Wh
  • Type: rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Battery color: Black
  • Condition: New
Part Numbers :
5B10Q39197 5B10W67390 L17C3PE0
L17L3PE0 L17L3PEO SB10W67330
Laptop Fit Models:
Lenovo Yoga Series
YG 730-15IKB I7 8G 256G 10H-81CU001KAU YG 73015IKB I7 8G 256G 10H81CU001KAU YG 730-15IKB I7 8G 8G 256G 10P-81CU003CAU
YG 73015IKB I7 8G 8G 256G 10P81CU003CAU YG 730-15IKB I7 8G 8G 512G 10H-81CU000EAU YG 73015IKB I7 8G 8G 512G 10H81CU000EAU
YG 730-15IKB I7 8G 8G 512G 10P-81CU003DAU YG 73015IKB I7 8G 8G 512G 10P81CU003DAU YG 730-15IWL i5 8G 512G 10P-81JS002PAU
YG 73015IWL i5 8G 512G 10P81JS002PAU YG 730-15IWL i7 8G 8G 512G 10H-81JS002UAU YG 73015IWL i7 8G 8G 512G 10H81JS002UAU
YG 730-15IWL i7 8G 8G 512G 10P-81JS001PAU YG 73015IWL i7 8G 8G 512G 10P81JS001PAU YG 730-15IWL i7 8G 8G 512G 10P-81JS002NAU
YG 73015IWL i7 8G 8G 512G 10P81JS002NAU Yoga 730 Yoga 730 15
Yoga 730-131KB Yoga 730131KB Yoga 730-13IKB
Yoga 73013IKB YOGA 730-15 YOGA 73015
Yoga 730-151KB Yoga 730151KB Yoga 730-15IBK
Yoga 73015IBK Yoga 730-15IKB Yoga 73015IKB
YOGA 730-15IKB 81CU000BUS YOGA 73015IKB 81CU000BUS YOGA 730-15IKB 81CU000EAU
YOGA 73015IKB 81CU000EAU YOGA 730-15IKB 81CU001KAU YOGA 73015IKB 81CU001KAU
YOGA 730-15IKB 81CU003CAU YOGA 73015IKB 81CU003CAU YOGA 730-15IKB 81CU003DAU
YOGA 73015IKB 81CU003DAU Yoga 730-15IKB(81CU) Yoga 73015IKB(81CU)
Yoga 730-15IKB(81CU0005GE) Yoga 73015IKB(81CU0005GE) Yoga 730-15IKB(81CU000UUS)
Yoga 73015IKB(81CU000UUS) Yoga 730-15IKB(81CU0011GE) Yoga 73015IKB(81CU0011GE)
Yoga 730-15IKB(81CU002DGE) Yoga 73015IKB(81CU002DGE) Yoga 730-15IKB(81CU002UGE)
Yoga 73015IKB(81CU002UGE) Yoga 730-15IKB(81CU003XMZ) Yoga 73015IKB(81CU003XMZ)
Yoga 730-15IKB(81CU0043GE) Yoga 73015IKB(81CU0043GE) Yoga 730-15IKB(81CU0044GE)
Yoga 73015IKB(81CU0044GE) YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0001CL YOGA 73015IKB81CU0001CL
YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0003AU YOGA 73015IKB81CU0003AU YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0004AU
YOGA 73015IKB81CU0004AU YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0005MX YOGA 73015IKB81CU0005MX
YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0006MX YOGA 73015IKB81CU0006MX YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0007MX
YOGA 73015IKB81CU0007MX YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU000DAU YOGA 73015IKB81CU000DAU
YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU000FMZ YOGA 73015IKB81CU000FMZ YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU000GMZ
YOGA 73015IKB81CU000GMZ YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU000JTW YOGA 73015IKB81CU000JTW
YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU000KTW YOGA 73015IKB81CU000KTW YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU000LKR
YOGA 73015IKB81CU000LKR YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU000MKR YOGA 73015IKB81CU000MKR
YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU000NKR YOGA 73015IKB81CU000NKR YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU000PKR
YOGA 73015IKB81CU000PKR YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU000QKR YOGA 73015IKB81CU000QKR
YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU000RUS YOGA 73015IKB81CU000RUS YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU000SUS
YOGA 73015IKB81CU000SUS YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU000TUS YOGA 73015IKB81CU000TUS
YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU000VCF YOGA 73015IKB81CU000VCF YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU000WSB
YOGA 73015IKB81CU000WSB YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU000XSB YOGA 73015IKB81CU000XSB
YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU000YHH YOGA 73015IKB81CU000YHH YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0010HH
YOGA 73015IKB81CU0010HH YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0014RK YOGA 73015IKB81CU0014RK
YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0015RK YOGA 73015IKB81CU0015RK YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0016RK
YOGA 73015IKB81CU0016RK YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0017RU YOGA 73015IKB81CU0017RU
YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0018RU YOGA 73015IKB81CU0018RU YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0019RU
YOGA 73015IKB81CU0019RU YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU001ARU YOGA 73015IKB81CU001ARU
YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU001BTX YOGA 73015IKB81CU001BTX YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU001CUK
YOGA 73015IKB81CU001CUK YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU001DUK YOGA 73015IKB81CU001DUK
YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU001EUK YOGA 73015IKB81CU001EUK YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU001FLM
YOGA 73015IKB81CU001FLM YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU001HMB YOGA 73015IKB81CU001HMB
YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU001LIV YOGA 73015IKB81CU001LIV YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU001MIV
YOGA 73015IKB81CU001MIV YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU001NIV YOGA 73015IKB81CU001NIV
YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU001PIV YOGA 73015IKB81CU001PIV YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU001QIV
LENOVO Original L17L3PE0 L17C3PE0 Laptop Battery for SB10W67330 5B10Q39197 Yoga 730 Yoga 730151KB Yoga 730-15IBK YOGA 730-15IWL
LENOVO Original L...
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