Lenovo L15M3PB0 L15L3PB0 Original Laptop Battery For L15C3PB1 L15L3PBO L15L3PB1 IdeaPad 330S-15ARR 330S-15ARR-81JQ 330S15AST 81F9001CAU 330S-15IKB(81F500B-MHH)

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Lenovo L15M3PB0 Battery

Specifications :
  • Battery rating: 11.25V
  • Battery capacity:  52.5Wh
  • Type: rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Battery color: Black
  • Condition: New
Part Numbers:
  • 5B10K84494
  • 5B10K85055
  • 5B10M49826
  • 5B10Q39201
  • 5B10Q39205
  • 5B10W67239
  • 5B10W89290
  • L15C3PB1
  • L15L3PB0
  • L15L3PB1
  • L15L3PBO
  • L15M3PB0
  • L15M3PBO
  • SB10W67410
  • SB10W89298
Laptop Fit Models:
IdeaPad 330S14IKB(81F400R5GE) IdeaPad 330S-15ARR IdeaPad 330S15ARR
Ideapad 330S-15ARR 81FB001KAU Ideapad 330S15ARR 81FB001KAU Ideapad 330S-15ARR 81FB005TAU
Ideapad 330S15ARR 81FB005TAU IdeaPad 330S-15ARR(81FB003RGE) IdeaPad 330S15ARR(81FB003RGE)
IdeaPad 330S-15ARR-81JQ IdeaPad 330S15ARR81JQ Ideapad 330S-15AST 81F90005AU
Ideapad 330S15AST 81F90005AU Ideapad 330S-15AST 81F90008AU Ideapad 330S15AST 81F90008AU
Ideapad 330S-15AST 81F9001CAU Ideapad 330S15AST 81F9001CAU Ideapad 330S-15AST 81F9001PAU
Ideapad 330S15AST 81F9001PAU IdeaPad 330S-15AST-81F90002RU IdeaPad 330S15AST81F90002RU
IdeaPad 330S-15AST-81F9001GGE IdeaPad 330S15AST81F9001GGE IdeaPad 330S-15IKB
IdeaPad 330S15IKB Ideapad 330S-15IKB 81F5003YAU Ideapad 330S15IKB 81F5003YAU
Ideapad 330S-15IKB 81F50040AU Ideapad 330S15IKB 81F50040AU Ideapad 330S-15IKB 81F5008XAU
Ideapad 330S15IKB 81F5008XAU Ideapad 330S-15IKB 81F500BTAU Ideapad 330S15IKB 81F500BTAU
Ideapad 330S-15IKB 81GC003QAU Ideapad 330S15IKB 81GC003QAU Ideapad 330S-15IKB 81GC0054AU
Ideapad 330S15IKB 81GC0054AU Ideapad 330S-15IKB 81GC0060AU Ideapad 330S15IKB 81GC0060AU
Ideapad 330S-15IKB(81F5001TPH) Ideapad 330S15IKB(81F5001TPH) Ideapad 330S-15IKB(81F50044MX)
Ideapad 330S15IKB(81F50044MX) IdeaPad 330S-15IKB(81F5004EUS) IdeaPad 330S15IKB(81F5004EUS)
Ideapad 330S-15IKB(81F500A8IN) Ideapad 330S15IKB(81F500A8IN) IdeaPad 330S-15IKB(81F500B-MHH)
IdeaPad 330S15IKB(81F500BMHH) IdeaPad 330S-15IKB(81F500C0MH) IdeaPad 330S15IKB(81F500C0MH)
IdeaPad 330S-15IKB(81F500GRHV) IdeaPad 330S15IKB(81F500GRHV) IdeaPad 330s-15IKB(81F500MYHH)
IdeaPad 330s15IKB(81F500MYHH) Ideapad 330S-15IKB(81F500P7MB) Ideapad 330S15IKB(81F500P7MB)
IdeaPad 330S-15IKB(81F500TPUS) IdeaPad 330S15IKB(81F500TPUS) IdeaPad 330s-15IKB(81F5010VHH)
IdeaPad 330s15IKB(81F5010VHH) IdeaPad 330s-15IKB(81F5010XMH) IdeaPad 330s15IKB(81F5010XMH)
IdeaPad 330S-15IKB(81F50148MJ) IdeaPad 330S15IKB(81F50148MJ) IdeaPad 330s-15IKB-339
IdeaPad 330s15IKB339 IdeaPad 330S-15IKB-81F5 IdeaPad 330S15IKB81F5
IdeaPad 330S-15IKB-929 IdeaPad 330S15IKB929 Ideapad flex 4-1470
Ideapad flex 41470 Ideapad flex 4-1480 Ideapad flex 41480
Ideapad flex 4-1570 Ideapad flex 41570 IP 320S-15ABR-80YA000EAU
IP 320S15ABR80YA000EAU
Lenovo Series
YG 510-14IKB 80VB009BAU YG 51014IKB 80VB009BAU YG 510-14IKB 80VB009MAU
YG 51014IKB 80VB009MAU YG 510-14IKB 80VB00BBAU YG 51014IKB 80VB00BBAU
YG 510-14IKB 80VB00BXAU YG 51014IKB 80VB00BXAU YG 510-14IKB 80VB00DFAU
YG 51014IKB 80VB00DFAU YG 510-14IKB 80VB00E6AU YG 51014IKB 80VB00E6AU
YG 510-14ISK 80S700GMAU YG 51014ISK 80S700GMAU YG 510-14ISK-80S700AYAU
YG 51014ISK80S700AYAU YG 510-14ISK-80S700B0AU YG 51014ISK80S700B0AU
YG 520-14IKB 80X80038AU YG 52014IKB 80X80038AU YG 520-14IKB 80X8003HAU
YG 52014IKB 80X8003HAU YG 520-14IKB 80X8003JAU YG 52014IKB 80X8003JAU
YG 520-14IKB 80X8003KAU YG 52014IKB 80X8003KAU YG 520-14IKB 80X80048AU
YG 52014IKB 80X80048AU YG 520-14IKB 80X800AKAU YG 52014IKB 80X800AKAU
YG 520-14IKB-80X8003MAU YG 52014IKB80X8003MAU YG 520-14IKB-80X8003NAU
YG 52014IKB80X8003NAU YG 520-14IKB-80X800LLAU YG 52014IKB80X800LLAU
YG 520-14IKB-80X800NEAU YG 52014IKB80X800NEAU YG 520-14IKB-80X800NLAU
YG 52014IKB80X800NLAU YG 520-14IKB-80X800NMAU YG 52014IKB80X800NMAU
YG 520-14IKB-80X800UVAU YG 52014IKB80X800UVAU YG 520-14IKB-80X800V5AU
YG 52014IKB80X800V5AU YG 520-14IKB-81C8004NAU YG 52014IKB81C8004NAU
YG 520-14IKB-81C8004QAU YG 52014IKB81C8004QAU YG 520-14IKB-81C8004RAU
YG 52014IKB81C8004RAU YG 520-14IKB-81C800BXAU YG 52014IKB81C800BXAU
YG 520-14IKB-81C800JYAU YG 52014IKB81C800JYAU YOGA 510(14 inch)
YOGA 510-14IKB 80VB000DIH YOGA 51014IKB 80VB000DIH Yoga 510-14ISK(80S700K9GE)
Yoga 51014ISK(80S700K9GE) Yoga 510-15IKB Yoga 51015IKB
YOGA 510-15ISK YOGA 51015ISK Yoga 510-15ISK(80S8)
Yoga 51015ISK(80S8) Yoga 520-14IKB 81C8005NSP Yoga 52014IKB 81C8005NSP
Yoga 520-14IKB 81C8007LTA Yoga 52014IKB 81C8007LTA Yoga 520-14IKB(81C8)
Yoga 52014IKB(81C8) Yoga 520-14IKB(81C8007VGE) Yoga 52014IKB(81C8007VGE)
Yoga 520-14IKB8-81C8007LTA Yoga 52014IKB881C
Lenovo L15M3PB0 L15L3PB0 Original Laptop Battery For L15C3PB1 L15L3PBO L15L3PB1 IdeaPad 330S-15ARR 330S-15ARR-81JQ 330S15AST 81F9001CAU 330S-15IKB(81F500B-MHH)
Lenovo L15M3PB0 L...
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Regular price 298,275.00 SR