Lenovo 45N1758 45N1759 Original Battery for 45R6758 4X50G53717 ThinkPad E555 E550 ThinkPad E555(20DH0028US) E550(20DF0065CD) E550(20DH002QUS)

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Specifications :
  • Battery rating: 10.8V
  • Battery capacity: 48Wh
  • Type: rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Battery color: black
  • Condition: New
Part Numbers :
  • 45N15E9
  • 45N1758
  • 45N1759
  • 45N1760
  • 45N1761
  • 45N1762
  • 45N1763
  • 45N8961
  • 45Ne560
  • 45NYU63
  • 45R6758
  • 4X50G53717
  • 4X50G59217
Laptop Fit Models:
ThinkPad E555(20DH0028US), ThinkPad E550(20DF0065CD), ThinkPad E550(20DH002QUS), ThinkPad E550C(20E0A00LCD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA04ECD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA06LCD), ThinkPad E560(20EVA05CCD), E560-5CCD, ThinkPad E565(20EYA002CD), ThinkPad E560 20EVS00500, ThinkPad E560(20EVA035CD), ThinkPad E555(20DHS00800), ThinkPad E550(20DFA01TCD), ThinkPad E555(20DH0009CD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA04FCD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA04BCD), ThinkPad E550 20DFA07WCD, ThinkPad E560(20EVA00QCD), E560-0QCD, ThinkPad E565(20EYA00XCD), ThinkPad E560(20EVA00UCD), ThinkPad E550(20DF003WUS), ThinkPad E555(20DH002CUS), ThinkPad E550(20DF008RCD), ThinkPad E555(20DHA00ACD), ThinkPad E550C(20E0A008CD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA04HCD), ThinkPad E555(20DHA010CD), ThinkPad E560(20EV001GCD), E560-1GCD, ThinkPad E565(20EYA004CD), ThinkPad E560(20EV001GCD), ThinkPad E560(20EVA01ACD), ThinkPad E550(20DF0067CD), ThinkPad E550C(20E0A00KCD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA04DCD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA059CD), ThinkPad E550 20DFA08RCD, ThinkPad E560(20EVA01ACD), E560-1ACD, E560-74CD, ThinkPad E560(20EVA01ECD), ThinkPad E550(20DF0048US), ThinkPad E555(20DH002HUS), ThinkPad E550(20DFA00JCD), ThinkPad E555(20DHA008CD), ThinkPad E550C(20E00001CD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA04VCD), ThinkPad E555(20DHA00QCD), ThinkPad E560(20EVA00KCD), E560-0KCD, E565-02CD, ThinkPad E560(20EVA05CCD), ThinkPad E550(20DF002YUS), ThinkPad E550(20DFA00DCD), ThinkPad E550C(20E0A00JCD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA047CD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA03SCD), ThinkPad E560(20EVA01BCD), E560-1BCD, E560-5ACD, ThinkPad E560(20EVA059CD), ThinkPad E550(20DF007MUS), ThinkPad E555(20DH002PUS), ThinkPad E550(20DFA00HCD), ThinkPad E555(20DHA006CD), ThinkPad E550C(20E0A000CD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA04ACD), ThinkPad E555(20DHA01QCD), ThinkPad E560(20EVA00UCD), E560-0UCD, E565-04CD, ThinkPad E560(20EVA063CD), ThinkPad E550(20DF0036US), ThinkPad E550(20DFS00L00), ThinkPad E550(20DFA00FCD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA009CD), ThinkPad E550C(20E00007CD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA05BCD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA04QCD), ThinkPad E560(20EVA05GCD), E560-5GCD, ThinkPad E560 20EV000MGE, ThinkPad E560(20EVA05ACD), ThinkPad E555(20DH002TUS), ThinkPad E550(20DFA01SCD), ThinkPad E555(20DHA005CD), ThinkPad Z51-70, ThinkPad E550(20DFA045CD), ThinkPad E550 20DFA07TCD, ThinkPad E560(20EVA035CD), E560-35CD, ThinkPad E565(0HCD), ThinkPad E560(20EVA00VCD), ThinkPad E550(20DF003GUS), ThinkPad E555(20DH0029US), ThinkPad E550(20DF0090CD), ThinkPad E555(20DHA009CD), ThinkPad E550C(20E0A009CD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA057CD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA06MCD), ThinkPad E560(20EVA063CD), E560-63CD, ThinkPad E565(20EY000LCD), ThinkPad E560(20EVA074CD), ThinkPad E560(20EVA034CD), ThinkPad E550(20DF006XCD), ThinkPad E550C(20E0A00GCD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA048CD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA03TCD), ThinkPad E550 20DFA01RCD, ThinkPad E560(20EVA01ECD), E560-1ECD, ThinkPad E565(0NCD), ThinkPad E560(20EVA00QCD), ThinkPad E550(20DF0040US), ThinkPad E555(20DH002EUS), ThinkPad E550(20DFA00RCD), ThinkPad E555(20DHA00CCD), ThinkPad E550C(20E0A00MCD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA056CD), ThinkPad E555(20DHA01MCD), ThinkPad E560(20EVA01DCD), E560-1DCD, ThinkPad E565(20EYA00BCD), ThinkPad E560(20EVA00KCD), ThinkPad E560(20EV001JCD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA00BCD), ThinkPad E550C(20E0A00DCD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA05DCD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA03VCD), ThinkPad E550 20DFA07SCD, ThinkPad E560(20EVA034CD), E560-34CD, E560-59CD, ThinkPad E560(20EVA01BCD), ThinkPad E550(20DF004EUS), ThinkPad E555(20DH002NUS), ThinkPad E550(20DFA00GCD), ThinkPad E555(20DHA00VCD), ThinkPad E550C(20E0A002CD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA012CD), ThinkPad E555(20DH000ACD), ThinkPad E560(20EVA019CD), E560-19CD, E565-0LCD, ThinkPad E560(20EVA01DCD), ThinkPad E550(20DF0030US), ThinkPad E550(20DFA008CD), ThinkPad E550C(20E0A00HCD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA04WCD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA058CD), ThinkPad E560(20EV001JCD), E560-1JCD, ThinkPad E560 20EWS00000, ThinkPad E560(20EVA05GCD), ThinkPad E550(20DFS00K00), ThinkPad E555(20DH002RUS), ThinkPad E550(20DFA011CD), ThinkPad E555(20DHA007CD), ThinkPad Z51, ThinkPad E550(20DFA02VCD), ThinkPad E550 20DFA00UCD, ThinkPad E560(20EVA00VCD), E560-0VCD, ThinkPad E565(00CD), ThinkPad E560(20EVA019CD), ThinkPad E550(20DF003EUS), ThinkPad Edge E555 Series, ThinkPad E555 Series, ThinkPad E565, ThinkPad E560, ThinkPad E550c, ThinkPad E555, ThinkPad E550
Lenovo 45N1758 45N1759 Original Battery for 45R6758 4X50G53717 ThinkPad E555 E550 ThinkPad E555(20DH0028US) E550(20DF0065CD) E550(20DH002QUS)
Lenovo 45N1758 45...
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