Lenovo 20V 3.25A 65W Type-C USB-C Laptop Adapter for ThinkPad E480-03CD, A275

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Specifications :
  • Input Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60hz
  • Output Voltage: 20V
  • Output Current: 3.25A (65W)
  • Connector: USB-C
  • Color: Black
  • CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified ensure safety.
  • 12-months Carry-In Replacement Warranty
  • 24 x 7 Call, WhatsApp, Email support.
  • Wholesale and Retail


Part Numbers :

01FR024, 01FR026, 01FR028, 02DL106, 02DL107, 02DL108, 02DL110, 02DL124, 02DL126, 02DL128, ADLX65YAC3A, c, ADLX65YCC3D, ADLX65YDC2D, ADLX65YDC3A, ADLX65YDC3D, ADLX65YLC3A, ADLX65YLC3D, PA-1650-46, SA10E75874, SA10E75875, SA10E75876, SA10M13945, SA10M13950, SA10R16674, SA10R16856, SA10R16870, SA10R16872, SA10R16874


Laptop Fit Models :

ThinkPad E480-03CD, ThinkPad A275, ThinkPad T590 20N40016CD, THINKPAD X1 CARBON 5TH GENERATION, ThinkPad P53s 20N6, ThinkPad E595, ThinkPad T590 20N4A00JCD, ThinkPad E15 20RD0011GE, ThinkPad E495 20NE000RCD, THINKPAD 2ND GEN-X1 YOGA, ThinkPad E480-1UCD, ThinkPad X1 Carbon 7th, ThinkPad T590 20N4A002CD, ThinkPad L590-20Q70019GE, ThinkPad Yoga L380-20M50012GE, ThinkPad L390 Yoga, ThinkPad E595 20NF000NCD, ThinkPad T590 20N4A00DCD, IdeaPad S540 13ARE, ThinkPad E495 20NE000PCD, THINKPAD 2ND GEN-X270, YOGA 6 Pro-13IKB, ThinkPad T495-20NKS01Y00, ThinkPad L13 Yoga, ThinkPad New S2 2017, ThinkPad Yoga L380-20M7001HGE, IdeaPad 730S-13IWL, ThinkPad E595 20NF000LCD, THINKPAD T590 20N40024US, THINKPAD TP25, THINKPAD 2ND GEN-X380 YOGA, ThinkPad X1 Carbon 7th gen, THINKPAD T590 20N4001WUS, THINKPAD 13 2ND GEN, ThinkPad P53s, ThinkPad T590 20N4A00CCD, ThinkPad E15, ThinkPad E495 20NE000NCD, ThinkPad E480-1VCD, ThinkPad T590 20N40018CD, THINKPAD-X1 CARBON 6TH GENERATION, ThinkPad P53s 20N7, ThinkPad Yoga L380-20M5000UGE, ThinkPad E595 20NF000KCD, ThinkPad T590 20N4A00GCD, Ideapad S540 13, ThinkPad E495 20NE000VCD, THINKPAD 2ND GEN-X1 YOGA 3RD GENERATION, YOGA 6 Pro-13, ThinkPad S2 Yoga 2018, ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2019, ThinkPad L13, Yoga C940 14, ThinkPad Yoga L380-20M50013GE, ThinkPad L390 Yoga-20NT000XGE, ThinkPad E595 20NF000RCD, ThinkPad T590 20N4A00KCD, IdeaPad S540 13IML, THINKPAD 475, THINKPAD 2ND GEN-X280, Yoga C740-14IML, ThinkPad L13 Yoga 20R6S00800, ThinkPad L380 Yoga-20M7001BGE, THINKPAD T590 20N4001XUS, THINKPAD 11E 2ND GEN, THINKPAD X1 TABLET-THINKPAD X1 TABLET GEN 3., ThinkPad X390 Yoga, ThinkPad E14, YOGA C630 WOS, ThinkPad E490, YOGA 7 Pro, ThinkPad E590, ThinkPad L480-20LS001AGE, ThinkPad L380 Yoga, ThinkPad L480, ThinkPad Yoga L380, ThinkPad T490, ThinkPad L380, ThinkPad T490s, YOGA C930, X1 Carbon 5th Generation 2017, ThinkPad Yoga 370, ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2018, ThinkPad T590, YOGA 7 Pro-13IKB, ThinkPad L580, YOGA S730-13IWL, ThinkPad E480, YOGA C930-13IKB, ThinkPad X280, Yoga C630, ThinkPad E580, ThinkPad E495, Thinkpad L590, IdeaPad 730S, ThinkPad P52s, ThinkPad Yoga 460, ThinkPad X390, ThinkPad T495s, ThinkPad X270, Yoga 920-13IKB(80Y7), ThinkPad T480s, YOGA S730-13, ThinkPad T470s, Yoga S730, ThinkPad T580, YOGA 920, ThinkPad X380, Yoga 920-13IKB, ThinkPad T480, ThinkPad X1 Yoga 3rd Gen, P51S, SA10M13946, 01FR030, ThinkPad T470, ThinkPad

The above compatibility list is non-exhaustive. If your original part number or your laptop model number is not included in the compatibility list, but our battery may still fit your laptop. Please feel free to contact us to confirm the compatibility.

Lenovo 20V 3.25A 65W Type-C USB-C Laptop Adapter for ThinkPad E480-03CD, A275
Lenovo 20V 3.25A ...
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