Asus B21N1505 Original Laptop Battery for 0B200-01400300 B21Bn91 F402MA F402NA L402YA E402NA3450 E402SA-DS01 E402 E402M E402MA-WX0001H

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Specifications :
  • Battery rating: 7.6V
  • Battery capacity: 32Wh
  • Type: rechargeable Li-Polymer battery
  • Battery color: Black
  • Condition: New
  • CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified ensure safety.
  • 12-months Carry-In Replacement Warranty
  • 24 x 7 Call, WhatsApp, Email support.
  • Wholesale and Retail
Part Numbers :
0B200-01400200 0B20001400200 0B200-01400300
0B20001400300 0B200-01400500 0B20001400500
B21Bn91 B21N1505
Laptop Fit Models:
Asus Series
L402YA L402YA-ES22 L402YAES22
Asus E Series
E402MA2940 E402NA3450 E402SA-DS01
E402SADS01 E402SA3150 E402SA3160
E502SA3150 E502SA3160
Asus Series
E402 E402M E402MA-WX0001H
E402MAWX0001H E402MA-WX0002T E402MAWX0002T
E402MA-WX0018H E402MAWX0018H E402N
E402NA E402NA-1R E402NA1R
E402NA-2A E402NA2A E402NA-2B
E402NA2B E402S E402SA
E402SA-1R E402SA1R E402SA-2A
E402SA2A E402SA-2B E402SA2B
E402SA-WX016T E402SAWX016T E402WA
E402WA-2B E402WA2B E402WA-GA002T
E402WAGA002T E402WA-GA007T E402WAGA007T
E402WA-GA010T E402WAGA010T E402WA-WH21
E402WAWH21 E402YA E402YA-GA002T
E402YAGA002T E502S E502SA
EeeBook E402SA EeeBook E402SA-WX0045T EeeBook E402SAWX0045T
EeeBook E402SA-WX016T EeeBook E402SAWX016T EeeBook E402YA-GA002TS
EeeBook E402YAGA002TS EeeBook L402MA EEEBOOK L402S
EEEBOOK L402SA EeeBook L403S EeeBook L403SA
F402MA F402NA F402NA-GA015T
F402NAGA015T F402NA-GA102T F402NAGA102T
F402NA-GA124T F402NAGA124T F402NA-GA182T
F402NAGA182T F402NA-GA208T F402NAGA208T
F402NA-GA223T F402NAGA223T F402NA-GA224T
F402NAGA224T F402SA F402SA-WX113T
F402SAWX113T F402SA-WX164T F402SAWX164T
F402SA-WX185T F402SAWX185T F402SA-WX197T
F402SAWX197T F402SA-WX202T F402SAWX202T
F402SA-WX287T F402SAWX287T F402SA-WX288T
F402SAWX288T F402SA-WX330T F402SAWX330T
F402WA F402WA-FA018TS F402WAFA018TS
F402WA-FA026T F402WAFA026T F402WA-FA026TS
F402WAFA026TS F402WA-FA035T F402WAFA035T
F402WA-FA055T F402WAFA055T F402WA-GA019T
F402WAGA019T F402WA-GA035T F402WAGA035T
F402WA-GA072T F402WAGA072T L402MA-P929
L402MAP929 L402MA-WX0064B L402MAWX0064B
L402MA-WX0065D L402MAWX0065D L402MA-WX0066D
L402MAWX0066D L402MA-WX0067B L402MAWX0067B
L402MA-WX0088T L402MAWX0088T L402MA-WX0102H
L402MAWX0102H L402MA-WX0102T L402MAWX0102T
L402MA-WX0139T L402MAWX0139T L402MA-WX0146T
L402MAWX0146T L402NA-0032AN3450 L402NA0032AN3450
L402NA-0042BN3450 L402NA0042BN3450 L402NA-0142AN3450
L402NA0142AN3450 L402NA-FA016TS L402NAFA016TS
L402NA-FA017TS L402NAFA017TS L402NA-FA292TS
L402NAFA292TS L402NA-GA016TS L402NAGA016TS
L402NA-GA042TS L402NAGA042TS L402NA-GA047TS
L402NAGA047TS L402NA-GA095TS L402NAGA095TS
L402NA-GA191TS L402NAGA191TS L402NA-GA290TS
L402NAGA290TS L402SA-0042AN3160 L402SA0042AN3160
L402SA-0062BN3160 L402SA0062BN3160 L402SA-BB01-BL
L402SA-WX018TS L402SAWX018TS L402SA-WX065TS
L402SAWX065TS L402SA-WX066TS L402SAWX066TS
L402SA-WX070TS L402SAWX070TS L402SA-WX071TS
L402SAWX071TS L402SA-WX097TS L402SAWX097TS
L402SA-WX223TS L402SAWX223TS L402SA-WX273TS
L402SAWX273TS L402SA-WX294TS L402SAWX294TS
L402SA-WX306TS L402SAWX306TS L403NA-FA017TS
L403NAFA017TS L403NA-FA055TS L403NAFA055TS
L403NA-FA067TS L403NAFA067TS L403NA-FA115TS
L403NAFA115TS L403NA-GA013TS L403NAGA013TS
L403NA-GA018TS L403NAGA018TS L403NA-GA021TS
L403NAGA021TS L403SA-FA0046T L403SAFA0046T
L403SA-FA0083T L403SAFA0083T L403SA-WH22
L403SA-WX0026T L403SAWX0026T L403SA-WX0055T
L403SAWX0055T L403SA-WX0091TS L403SAWX0091TS
R417NA R417NA-FA254T R417NAFA254T
R417NA-GA006T R417NAGA006T R417NA-RS01
R417NARS01 R417SA-WX235T R417SAWX235T
R417WA R417WA-FA114TS R417WAFA114TS
R417WA-GA033T R417WAGA033T R417WA-GA033TS
R417WAGA033TS R417WA-GA046T R417WAGA046T
R417WA-GA052T R417WAGA052T VivoBook E402NA
Vivobook E402YA-FA094TS Vivobook E402YAFA094TS X402MA
X402NA X402NA-FA112T X402NAFA112T
X402NA-FA229T X402NAFA229T X402NA-GA111T
X402NAGA111T X402NA-GA160T X402NAGA160T
X402NA-GA170T X402NAGA170T X402NA-GA173
X402NAGA173 X402NA-GA180T X402NAGA180T
X402NA-GA211T X402NAGA211T X402NA-GA259T
X402NAGA259T X402SA X402SA-WX014T
X402SAWX014T X402SA-WX251D X402SAWX251D
Asus Series
E402MA E402MA-WX0001T E402MAWX0001T
E402MA-WX0031T E402MAWX0031T E402MA-WX0032T
E402MAWX0032T E402MA-WX0055H E402MAWX0055H
E402SA-WX207T E402SAWX207T E402WA-GA002TS
E402WAGA002TS E402YA-FA031TS E402YAFA031TS
E402YA-GA109T E402YAGA109T EeeBook L403SA-WX0011T
EeeBook L403SAWX0011T EeeBook L403SA-WX0016T EeeBook L403SAWX0016T
Asus Notebook e Series
E402NA-0072AN3450 E402NA0072AN3450 E402NA-BS91-CB
E402NA-FA014T E402NAFA014T E402NA-FA021T
E402NAFA021T E402NA-FA027T E402NAFA027T
E402NA-FA040T E402NAFA040T E402NA-FA041T
E402NAFA041T E402NA-FA045T E402NAFA045T
E402NA-FA101T E402NAFA101T E402NA-FA109T
E402NAFA109T E402NA-FA117T E402NAFA117T
E402NA-FA123T E402NAFA123T E402NA-FA136T
E402NAFA136T E402NA-FA137T E402NAFA137T
E402NA-FA161T E402NAFA161T E402NA-FA164T
E402NAFA164T E402NA-FA183T E402NAFA183T
E402NA-FA214T E402NAFA214T E402NA-GA001T
E402NAGA001T E402NA-GA002T E402NAGA002T
E402NA-GA005T E402NAGA005T E402NA-GA010T
E402NAGA010T E402NA-GA019T E402NAGA019T
E402NA-GA022T E402NAGA022T E402NA-GA025T
E402NAGA025T E402NA-GA029T E402NAGA029T
E402NA-GA034T E402NAGA034T E402NA-GA046T
E402NAGA046T E402NA-GA048T E402NAGA048T
E402NA-GA056T E402NAGA056T E402NA-GA058T
E402NAGA058T E402NA-GA064T

The above compatibility list is non-exhaustive. If your original part number or your laptop model number is not included in the compatibility list, but our battery may still fit your laptop. Please feel free to contact us to confirm the compatibility.

Asus B21N1505 Original Laptop Battery for 0B200-01400300 B21Bn91 F402MA F402NA L402YA E402NA3450 E402SA-DS01 E402 E402M E402MA-WX0001H
Asus B21N1505 Ori...
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