LG LBG722VH Laptop Battery for LBM722YE 13z940 13Z940-G.AK51B2 Gram 13Z940LT1PK 13ZD940-G.AX30K 13ZD940GX58K

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Specifications :
  • Battery rating: 7.6V
  • Battery capacity: 30.4Wh
  • Type: rechargeable Li-Polymer battery
  • Battery color: Black
  • Condition: New
  • CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified ensure safety.
  • 12-months Carry-In Replacement Warranty
  • 24 x 7 Call, WhatsApp, Email support.
  • Wholesale and Retail
Part Numbers :
Laptop Fit Models:
Lg Series
13z940 13Z940-G.AK51B2 13Z940G.AK51B2
13Z940-G.AK51F2 13Z940G.AK51F2 13Z940-G.AK72AD
13Z940G.AK72AD 13Z940-G.AT58A 13Z940G.AT58A
13Z940-G.AT5SA 13Z940G.AT5SA 13Z940-G.AT5WA
13Z940G.AT5WA 13Z940-G.AT7WA 13Z940G.AT7WA
13Z940-G.BK71P1 13Z940G.BK71P1 13Z940-G.DK71P1
13Z940G.DK71P1 13Z940-GT70K 13Z940GT70K
EAC62198201 EAC62718301 EAC62718304
Gram 13Z940-AT5SA Gram 13Z940AT5SA Gram 13Z940-AT5WA
Gram 13Z940AT5WA Gram 13Z940-G.AF5BL Gram 13Z940G.AF5BL
Gram 13Z940-G.AFLGL Gram 13Z940G.AFLGL Gram 13Z940-G.AH30K
Gram 13Z940G.AH30K Gram 13Z940-G.AH3MK Gram 13Z940G.AH3MK
Gram 13Z940-G.AH3PK Gram 13Z940G.AH3PK Gram 13Z940-G.AH50K
Gram 13Z940G.AH50K Gram 13Z940-G.AH70K Gram 13Z940G.AH70K
Gram 13Z940-G.AHSBL Gram 13Z940G.AHSBL Gram 13Z940-G.AT30K
Gram 13Z940G.AT30K Gram 13Z940-G.AT3BK Gram 13Z940G.AT3BK
Gram 13Z940-G.AT3MK Gram 13Z940G.AT3MK Gram 13Z940-G.AT50K
Gram 13Z940G.AT50K Gram 13Z940-G.AT70K Gram 13Z940G.AT70K
Gram 13Z940-GH3BK Gram 13Z940GH3BK Gram 13Z940-GH3MK
Gram 13Z940GH3MK Gram 13Z940-GH3PK Gram 13Z940GH3PK
Gram 13Z940-GH50K Gram 13Z940GH50K Gram 13Z940-GH5BK
Gram 13Z940GH5BK Gram 13Z940-GH70K Gram 13Z940GH70K
Gram 13Z940-LT1PK Gram 13Z940LT1PK Gram 13ZD940-G.AX30K
Gram 13ZD940G.AX30K Gram 13ZD940-G.AX38K Gram 13ZD940G.AX38K
Gram 13ZD940-G.AX3BL Gram 13ZD940G.AX3BL Gram 13ZD940-G.AX50K
Gram 13ZD940G.AX50K Gram 13ZD940-G.AX58K Gram 13ZD940G.AX58K
Gram 13ZD940-G.AX70K Gram 13ZD940G.AX70K Gram 13ZD940-GX30K
Gram 13ZD940GX30K Gram 13ZD940-GX50K Gram 13ZD940GX50K
Gram 13ZD940-GX70K Gram 13ZD940GX70K Gram 15Z950-GDV01
Gram 15Z950GDV01 Gram 15Z950-GT30K Gram 15Z950GT30K
Gram 15Z950-GT3BK Gram 15Z950GT3BK Gram 15Z950-GT50K
Gram 15Z950GT50K Gram 15Z950-GT54K Gram 15Z950GT54K
Gram 15Z950-GT5BK Gram 15Z950GT5BK Gram 15Z950-GT5GK
Gram 15Z950GT5GK Gram 15Z950-GT5SE Gram 15Z950GT5SE
Gram 15Z950-GT70K Gram 15Z950GT70K Gram 15Z950-LT10K
Gram 15Z950LT10K Gram 15Z950-MF50KN Gram 15Z950MF50KN
Gram 15Z950-MF56L Gram 15Z950MF56L Gram 15Z950-MF5BL
Gram 15Z950MF5BL Gram 15Z950-MNSAL Gram 15Z950MNSAL
Gram 15ZD950 Gram 15ZD950-GX30K Gram 15ZD950GX30K
Gram 15ZD950-GX32K Gram 15ZD950GX32K Gram 15ZD950-GX3BL
Gram 15ZD950GX3BL Gram 15ZD950-GX3HK Gram 15ZD950GX3HK
Gram 15ZD950-GX50K Gram 15ZD950GX50K Gram 15ZD950-GX51K
Gram 15ZD950GX51K Gram 15ZD950-GX52K Gram 15ZD950GX52K
Gram 15ZD950-GX58HK Gram 15ZD950GX58HK Gram 15ZD950-GX58K
Gram 15ZD950GX58K Gram 15ZD950-GX5BHK Gram 15ZD950GX5BHK
Gram 15ZD950-GX5BK Gram 15ZD950GX5BK Gram 15ZD950-GX5GHK
Gram 15ZD950GX5GHK Gram 15ZD950-GX5GK Gram 15ZD950GX5GK
Gram 15ZD950-GX5HK Gram 15ZD950GX5HK Gram 15ZD950-GX5TK
Gram 15ZD950GX5TK Gram 15ZD950-GX5WK Gram 15ZD950GX5WK
Gram 15ZD950-GX70HK Gram 15ZD950GX70HK Gram 15ZD950-GX70K
Gram 15ZD950GX70K Gram 15ZD950-GX7BHK Gram 15ZD950GX7BHK
Gram 15ZD950-GX7BK Gram 15ZD950GX7BK Gram 15ZD950-LX10K
Gram 15ZD950LX10K
Lg Series
13Z940-GH30K 13Z940GH30K 13ZD940-GX58K

The above compatibility list is non-exhaustive. If your original part number or your laptop model number is not included in the compatibility list, but our battery may still fit your laptop. Please feel free to contact us to confirm the compatibility.

LG LBG722VH Laptop Battery for LBM722YE 13z940 13Z940-G.AK51B2 Gram 13Z940LT1PK 13ZD940-G.AX30K 13ZD940GX58K
LG LBG722VH Lapto...
Regular price Save -Liquid error (snippets/product-price line 31): Computation results in '-Infinity'% 451.00 SR
Regular price 451.00 SR