Asus C41N1416 Original Tablet Battery for 0B20001250100 C41N141602 Asus G501 G601 G601J N501JW2B UX501 UX501J

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Specifications :
  • Battery rating: 15.2V
  • Battery capacity: 60Wh
  • Type: rechargeable Li-Polymer battery
  • Battery color: Black
  • Condition: New
  • CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified ensure safety.
  • 12-months Carry-In Replacement Warranty
  • 24 x 7 Call, WhatsApp, Email support.
  • Wholesale and Retail
Part Numbers :
0B200-01250100 0B20001250100 C41N1416
C41N1416-02 C41N141602
Laptop Fit Models:
Asus Series
ZenBook Pro UX501J Zenbook Pro UX501JW-CN41 Zenbook Pro UX501JWCN41
Zenbook Pro UX501JW-CN433T Zenbook Pro UX501JWCN433T Zenbook Pro UX501JW-FI324T
Zenbook Pro UX501JWFI324T Zenbook Pro UX501JW-XS73 Zenbook Pro UX501JWXS73
ZenBook Pro UX501L
Asus Series
G501 G601 G601J
g60v G60VW G60VW6700
Asus Series
G60J G60JW4720 N501
N501JW-1A N501JW1A N501JW-1B
N501JW1B N501JW-2A N501JW2A
N501JW-2B N501JW2B N501VW-2B
N501VW2B UX501JW-CN546T UX501JWCN546T
UX501JW-DN233H UX501JWDN233H UX501JW-FJ153P
UX501JWFJ153P UX501JW-FJ404T UX501JWFJ404T
UX501JW-FJ488T UX501JWFJ488T UX501JW-UH71T
UX501JWUH71T Zenbook Pro N501VW-1A Zenbook Pro N501VW1A
Zenbook Pro N501VW-2A Zenbook Pro N501VW2A Zenbook Pro N501VW-2B
Zenbook Pro N501VW2B Zenbook Pro N501VW-3A Zenbook Pro N501VW3A
Zenbook Pro N501VW-FI076T Zenbook Pro N501VWFI076T ZenBook Pro UX501JW
Zenbook Pro UX501JW-CN115H Zenbook Pro UX501JWCN115H Zenbook Pro UX501JW-CN209H
Zenbook Pro UX501JWCN209H Zenbook Pro UX501JW-CN361T Zenbook Pro UX501JWCN361T
Zenbook Pro UX501JW-CX076H Zenbook Pro UX501JWCX076H Zenbook Pro UX501JW-DH71T
Zenbook Pro UX501JWDH71T Zenbook Pro UX501JW-DM395T Zenbook Pro UX501JWDM395T
Zenbook Pro UX501JW-DN233H Zenbook Pro UX501JWDN233H Zenbook Pro UX501JW-FI109T
Zenbook Pro UX501JWFI109T Zenbook Pro UX501JW-FI173T Zenbook Pro UX501JWFI173T
Zenbook Pro UX501JW-FI184H Zenbook Pro UX501JWFI184H Zenbook Pro UX501JW-FI214T
Zenbook Pro UX501JWFI214T Zenbook Pro UX501JW-FI218H Zenbook Pro UX501JWFI218H
Zenbook Pro UX501JW-FI389T Zenbook Pro UX501JWFI389T Zenbook Pro UX501JW-FI397T
Zenbook Pro UX501JWFI397T Zenbook Pro UX501JW-FI440T Zenbook Pro UX501JWFI440T
Zenbook Pro UX501JW-FI486T Zenbook Pro UX501JWFI486T Zenbook Pro UX501JW-FI502T
Zenbook Pro UX501JWFI502T Zenbook Pro UX501JW-FJ094H Zenbook Pro UX501JWFJ094H
Zenbook Pro UX501JW-FJ153P Zenbook Pro UX501JWFJ153P Zenbook Pro UX501JW-FJ167H
Zenbook Pro UX501JWFJ167H Zenbook Pro UX501JW-FJ192H Zenbook Pro UX501JWFJ192H
Zenbook Pro UX501JW-FJ194H Zenbook Pro UX501JWFJ194H Zenbook Pro UX501JW-FJ208H
Zenbook Pro UX501JWFJ208H Zenbook Pro UX501JW-FJ210H Zenbook Pro UX501JWFJ210H
Zenbook Pro UX501JW-FJ221H Zenbook Pro UX501JWFJ221H Zenbook Pro UX501JW-FJ229H
Zenbook Pro UX501JWFJ229H Zenbook Pro UX501JW-FJ286T Zenbook Pro UX501JWFJ286T
Zenbook Pro UX501JW-UB71T Zenbook Pro UX501JWUB71T Zenbook Pro UX501JW-UH71T
Zenbook Pro UX501JWUH71T ZenBook UX501JW ZenBook UX501JW-CN245P
ZenBook UX501JWCN245P ZenBook UX501JW-CN245R ZenBook UX501JWCN245R
ZenBook UX501JW-CN245T ZenBook UX501JWCN245T ZenBook UX501JW-DS71T
ZenBook UX501JWDS71T ZenBook UX501JW-FI177H ZenBook UX501JWFI177H
ZenBook UX501JW-FI177T ZenBook UX501JWFI177T ZenBook UX501JW-FI218H
ZenBook UX501JWFI218H ZenBook UX501JW-FI218T ZenBook UX501JWFI218T
ZenBook UX501LW
Asus Series
N501J N501JW N501JW-FI281P
N501JWFI281P N501JW-FI281P12G N501JWFI281P12G
N501JW-FI320H N501JWFI320H N501JW-FI320H12G
N501JWFI320H12G N501V N501VW
N501VW-2A N501VW2A N501VW-3A
N501VW3A N501VW-FI076T N501VWFI076T
Asus Series
UX501 UX501J UX501J4720-188AXC54X20
UX501J4720188AXC54X20 UX501JW UX501JW-CN245P
UX501JWCN245P UX501JW-CN245R UX501JWCN245R
UX501JW-CN245T UX501JWCN245T UX501JW-DS71T
UX501JW-FI177T UX501JWFI177T UX501JW-FI218H
UX501JWFI218H UX501JW-FI218T UX501JWFI218T
UX501JW4720 UX501LW ZenBook Pro UX501
ZenBook Pro UX501JW4720

The above compatibility list is non-exhaustive. If your original part number or your laptop model number is not included in the compatibility list, but our battery may still fit your laptop. Please feel free to contact us to confirm the compatibility.

Asus C41N1416 Original Tablet Battery for 0B20001250100 C41N141602 Asus G501	G601 G601J N501JW2B UX501 UX501J
Asus C41N1416 Ori...
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