Asus C21N1401 Original Battery for 0B20001040000 ASUS X455 X455LA A455LA-WX378D X455LD F455L R455LD C21Pp95 A455LDWX102D V405LB5500 K455LD5200

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Specifications :
  • Battery rating: 7.6V
  • Battery capacity: 37Wh
  • Type: rechargeable Li-Polymer battery
  • Battery color: Black
  • Condition: New
  • CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified ensure safety.
  • 12-months Carry-In Replacement Warranty
  • 24 x 7 Call, WhatsApp, Email support.
  • Wholesale and Retail
Part Numbers :
0B200-01040000 0B20001040000 0B200-01040100
0B20001040100 0B200-01040200 0B20001040200
0B200-01040300 0B20001040300 0B200-01320000
0B20001320000 0B200-01320100 0B20001320100
0B200-01320200 0B20001320200 0B200-01320300
0B20001320300 0B200-01320400 0B20001320400
0B200-01320500 0B20001320500 0B200-01320600
0B20001320600 C21IN401 C21INI401
C21N1401 C21Pp95
Laptop Fit Models:
Asus Series
F450LD4210 F454LI5010 F454LJ5200
F455LD-WX383H F455LDWX383H F455LD4030
F455LD4210 F455LD4210-554BSC52X10 F455LD4210554BSC52X10
Asus A Series
A455LD-WX050D A455LDWX050D A455LD-WX051D
A455LDWX051D A455LD-WX052D A455LDWX052D
A455LD-WX053D A455LDWX053D A455LD-WX055H
A455LDWX055H A455LD-WX056H A455LDWX056H
A455LD-WX057H A455LDWX057H A455LD-WX059D
A455LDWX059D A455LD-WX061D A455LDWX061D
A455LD-WX075H A455LDWX075H A455LD-WX076D
A455LDWX076D A455LD-WX101D A455LDWX101D
A455LD-WX102D A455LDWX102D A455LD-WX103D
A455LDWX103D A455LD-WX105D A455LDWX105D
A455LD-WX110D A455LDWX110D A455LD-WX146H
A455LDWX146H A455LD-WX148H A455LDWX148H
A455LD-WX149H A455LDWX149H A455LD-WX162D
A455LDWX162D A455LD-WX164D A455LDWX164D
A455LD-WX165D A455LDWX165D A455LD4010
A455LD4030 A455LD4210 A455LD5200
A455LF4005 A455LF5010 A455LF5200
Asus Series
V405LB5200 V405LB5500 VM410LD4030
Asus Series
R455LD4030 R455LD4210
Asus Series
W419L4210 W419LD4210 W419LJ5200
Asus Series
K455LD4010 K455LD4210 K455LD5200
Asus Series
Asus Series
A455L A455LA A455LA-WX378D
A455LAWX378D A455LA-WX550D A455LAWX550D
A455LA-WX667D A455LAWX667D A455LA-WX667T
A455LAWX667T A455LA-WX668D A455LAWX668D
A455LA-WX668T A455LAWX668T A455LA-WX669D
A455LAWX669D A455LA-WX670D A455LAWX670D
A455LA-WX680 A455LAWX680 A455LA-WX759D
A455LAWX759D A455LAB A455LD
A455LDB A455LF A455LF-WX016D
A455LFWX016D A455LF-WX017D A455LFWX017D
A455LF-WX018D A455LFWX018D A455LF-WX019D
A455LFWX019D A455LF-WX020D A455LFWX020D
A455LF-WX031T A455LFWX031T A455LF-WX032T
A455LFWX032T A455LF-WX033T A455LFWX033T
A455LF-WX034T A455LFWX034T A455LF-WX035T
A455LFWX035T A455LF-WX039D A455LFWX039D
A455LF-WX040D A455LFWX040D A455LF-WX041D
A455LFWX041D A455LF-WX041T A455LFWX041T
A455LF-WX042D A455LFWX042D A455LF-WX043D
A455LFWX043D A455LF-WX049D A455LFWX049D
A455LF-WX049T A455LFWX049T A455LF-WX050D
A455LFWX050D A455LF-WX051D A455LFWX051D
A455LF-WX051T A455LFWX051T A455LF-WX052D
A455LFWX052D A455LF-WX052T A455LFWX052T
A455LF-WX053D A455LFWX053D A455LF-WX063T
A455LFWX063T A455LF-WX064T A455LFWX064T
A455LF-WX065T A455LFWX065T A455LF-WX066T
A455LFWX066T A455LF-WX120D A455LFWX120D
A455LF-WX158D A455LFWX158D A455LF-WX159D
A455LFWX159D A455LF-WX160D A455LFWX160D
A455LF-WX161D A455LFWX161D A455LN
A455LNB F430YA F430YI
F454LA F454LA-WX390LD F454LAWX390LD
F454LA-WX526T F454LAWX526T F454LAB
F454LD F454LD-VX176H F454LDVX176H
F454LDB F454LJ F454WA
F454WE F455DG F455DG-WX016T
F455DGWX016T F455DG-WX021T F455DGWX021T
F455L F455LA F455LA-WX046H
F455LAWX046H F455LA-WX383H F455LAWX383H
F455LAB F455LD F455LD-WX091H
F455LDWX091H F455LD-WX107H F455LDWX107H
F455LD-WX109H F455LDWX109H F455LD-WX209H
F455LDWX209H F455LD-WX210H F455LDWX210H
F455LDB F455LJ F455WA
F455WE F455YA F455YI
K455DG K455LA K455LA-WX064D
K455LAWX064D K455LA-WX069D K455LAWX069D
K455LA-WX070D K455LAWX070D K455LA-WX071D
K455LAWX071D K455LA-WX124D K455LAWX124D
K455LA-WX148D K455LAWX148D K455LA-WX149D
K455LAWX149D K455LA-WX207H K455LAWX207H
K455LA-WX242H K455LAWX242H K455LA-WX286D
K455LAWX286D K455LA-WX287D K455LAWX287D
K455LA-WX388D K455LAWX388D K455LA-WX389D
K455LAWX389D K455LA-WX415T K455LAWX415T
K455LA-WX539D K455LAWX539D K455LA-WX541D
K455LAWX541D K455LA-WX561D K455LAWX561D
K455LA-WX562D K455LAWX562D K455LA-WX609D
K455LAWX609D K455LA-WX610D K455LAWX610D
K455LA-WX611D K455LAWX611D K455LA-WX637T
K455LAWX637T K455LA-WX714D K455LAWX714D
K455LA-WX725D K455LAWX725D K455LA-WX736D
K455LAWX736D K455LA-WX755D K455LAWX755D
K455LAB K455LD K455LD-FH71-CB
K455LDFH71CB K455LD-WX062D K455LDWX062D
K455LD-WX064D K455LDWX064D K455LD-WX065D
K455LDWX065D K455LD-WX066D K455LDWX066D
K455LD-WX067D K455LDWX067D K455LD-WX069D
K455LDWX069D K455LD-WX071D K455LDWX071D
K455LD-WX086D K455LDWX086D K455LD-WX089D
K455LDWX089D K455LD-WX090H K455LDWX090H
K455LD-WX096H K455LDWX096H K455LD-WX181D
K455LDWX181D K455LD-WX212D K455LDWX212D
K455LD-WX249D K455LDWX249D K455LDB
K455LF K455LF-WX026D K455LFWX026D
K455LF-WX027D K455LFWX027D K455LF-WX054D
K455LFWX054D K455LF-WX068D K455LFWX068D
K455LF-WX082D K455LFWX082D K455LF-WX089T
K455LFWX089T K455LF-WX135D K455LFWX135D
K455LF-WX139D K455LFWX139D K455LF-WX157D
K455LFWX157D K455LF-WX168D K455LFWX168D
K455LF-WX177D K455LFWX177D K455LF-WX178D
K455LFWX178D K455LF-WX193D K455LFWX193D
K455LJ K455LJ-WX332T K455LJWX332T
K455LJ-WX333T K455LJWX333T K455LJ-WX406D
K455LJWX406D K455LJ-WX418D K455LJWX418D
K455LJ-WX419D K455LJWX419D K455WA

The above compatibility list is non-exhaustive. If your original part number or your laptop model number is not included in the compatibility list, but our battery may still fit your laptop. Please feel free to contact us to confirm the compatibility.

Asus C21N1401 Original Battery for 0B20001040000 ASUS X455 X455LA A455LA-WX378D X455LD F455L R455LD C21Pp95 A455LDWX102D V405LB5500 K455LD5200
Asus C21N1401 Ori...
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