Samsung AA-PB9NC6B Laptop Battery for Samsung Np-n150 NP-N150-KA02RU NP300E5A NPE271 NP-E452I Series Notebook

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Specifications :
  • Battery rating: 11.1V
  • Battery capacity: 49Wh
  • Type: rechargeable Li-ion replacement battery
  • Battery color: Black
  • Condition: New
  • CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified ensure safety.
  • 12-months Carry-In Replacement Warranty
  • 24 x 7 Call, WhatsApp, Email support.
  • Wholesale and Retail
Part Numbers :
  • AA-PB2NX6W
  • AA-PB4NC6W
  • AA-PB9MC6B
  • AA-PB9MC6S
  • AA-PB9MC6W
  • AA-PB9NC5B
  • AA-PB9NC6B
  • AA-PB9NC6W
  • AA-PB9NC6W/E
  • AA-PB9NL6B
  • AA-PB9NL6W
  • AA-PB9NS6B
  • AA-PB9NS6W
  • AA-PL9NC2B
  • AA-PL9NC6B
  • AA-PL9NC6W
  • BA43-00198A
  • BA43-00199A
  • BA43-00207A
  • BA43-00208A
Laptop Fit Models:
Samsung Series
E251-FA01DE E251FA01DE E251-FA02DE
E251FA02DE E251-FA03DE E251FA03DE
E251-FA04DE E251FA04DE E251-JA01DE
E251JA01DE E251-JS01DE E251JS01DE
E252-FA02DE E252FA02DE E252-FS01DE
E252FS01DE E252-FS02DE E252FS02DE
E257-JS01DE E257JS01DE E257-JT01DE
E257JT01DE E271-FA01DE E271FA01DE
E271-JS03DE E271JS03DE E272-AS01DE
E272AS01DE E272-FS01DE E272FS01DE
E272-FS02DE E272FS02DE E272-FS03DE
E272FS03DE E272-JS01DE E272JS01DE
E272-JS02DE E272JS02DE E272-JS03DE
E272JS03DE E3520-A01DE E3520A01DE
E372 JB02 E372 JS01 E372 JT01
E372 JT05 E372 JT06 E372 JT07
E372-Marow E372Marow E372-Miuki
E372Miuki E372-Nele E372Nele
E452-JA01 E452JA01 E452-JA02
E452JA02 E452-JS01DE E452JS01DE
E452-JS02DE E452JS02DE E452-JS05
E452JS05 E452-JT02 E452JT02
E452-JT02DE E452JT02DE E452-JT04
Samsung Np Series
NP RV511-A02PT NP RV511A02PT NP-3005VA
NP3005VA NP-300E4A NP300E4A
NP-300E5A NP300E5A NP-300E5A-A09AU
NP300E5AA09AU NP-300E7A-A08UK NP300E7AA08UK
NP-300V NP300V NP-300V3A
NP300V3A NP-305E5A S02 NP305E5A S02
NP-305E7A NP305E7A NP-305V5A
NP305V5A np-305v5a-s0bnz np305v5as0bnz
NP-305V5A-T01AU NP305V5AT01AU NP-350E5-A02AU
NP350E5A02AU NP-350E5C NP350E5C
NP-350E5C-A02AU NP350E5CA02AU NP-350USC-901AU
NP350USC901AU np-350v5c np350v5c
NP-350V5C-907DE NP350V5C907DE NP-350V5C-S07AU
NP350V5CS07AU NP-350V5C-S08AU NP350V5CS08AU
NP-350V5CS08AU NP350V5CS08AU NP-355v5c
NP355v5c NP-35OU5C-A05UK NP35OU5CA05UK
NP-500P4C-S05SG NP500P4CS05SG NP-550P5C
NP550P5C NP-550P5C-S08AU NP550P5CS08AU
NP-550P5CL NP550P5CL NP-E152
NPE152 NP-E152-Aura T5750 Dajuan NPE152Aura T5750 Dajuan
NP-E172 NPE172 NP-E172-Aura T5800
NPE172Aura T5800 NP-E251 T4200 Esilo NPE251 T4200 Esilo
NP-E251-FA01 NPE251FA01 NP-E252
NPE252 NP-E257 NPE257
NP-E271 NPE271 NP-E272
NPE272 NP-E272-FS03 NPE272FS03
NP-E272-FS04 NPE272FS04 NP-E3415
NPE3415 NP-E3420 NPE3420
NP-E352 NPE352 NP-E352-JA02UK3
NPE352JA02UK3 NP-E372 NPE372
NP-E372-JB01 NPE372JB01 NP-E372-JB02
NPE372JB02 NP-E372-JS01 NPE372JS01
NP-E372-JT01 NPE372JT01 NP-E372-JT02
NPE372JT02 NP-E372-JT03 NPE372JT03
NP-E372-JT04 NPE372JT04 NP-E372-JT05
NPE372JT05 NP-E372-JT06 NPE372JT06
NP-E372-JT07 NPE372JT07 NP-E452-JS01UA
NP-E852-JS01 NPE852JS01 NP-P210-AA01NL
NPP210AA01NL NP-P210-BA01 NPP210BA01
NP-P210-BA02 NPP210BA02 NP-P210-BS01
NPP210BS01 NP-P210-BS02 NPP210BS02
NP-P210-BS04 NPP210BS04 NP-P210-BS05
NPP210BS05 NP-P210-HS01BE NPP210HS01BE
NP-P210-Pro P8400 NPP210Pro P8400 NP-P210-Pro P8400 Padou
NPP210Pro P8400 Padou NP-P210-XA01 NPP210XA01
NP-P210E NPP210E NP-P210I
NPP210I NP-P230 NPP230
NP-P330 NPP330 NP-P330-JS01CN
NPP330JS01CN NP-P428 NPP428
NP-P428-DA01CN NPP428DA01CN NP-P428-DA01IN
NPP428DA01IN NP-P430 NPP430
NP-P460-44NP-P NPP46044NPP NP-P460-Pro P8600 Pompeji
NPP460Pro P8600 Pompeji NP-P480 NPP480
NP-P50 Pro T2400 Tytahn NPP50 Pro T2400 Tytahn NP-P50 Pro T2600 Tygah
NPP50 Pro T2600 Tygah NP-P50 Pro T5500 Tahlia NPP50 Pro T5500 Tahlia
NP-P50 Pro T5500 Teygun NPP50 Pro T5500 Teygun NP-P50 Pro T7200 Torrin
NPP50 Pro T7200 Torrin NP-P50 T2400 Tytahn NPP50 T2400 Tytahn
NP-P50 T2600 Tygah NPP50 T2600 Tygah NP-P50-00
NPP5000 NP-P50-C003 NPP50C003
NP-P50-C004 NPP50C004 NP-P50-CV03
NPP50CV03 NP-P50-CV04 NPP50CV04
NP-P500 NPP500 NP-P500-FA01
NPP500FA01 NP-P500-FA01UK NPP500FA01UK
NP-P500-FA02 NPP500FA02 NP-P500-FA02ES
NP-P500-FA03 NPP500FA03 NP-P500-FA03UK
NPP500FA03UK NP-P500-FA04 NPP500FA04
NP-P500-FA04UK NPP500FA04UK NP-P500-FA05
NPP500FA05 NP-P500-FA06 NPP500FA06
NP-P500-FA07 NPP500FA07 NP-P500-FA07UK
NPP500FA07UK NP-P500-Pro T7250 NPP500Pro T7250
NP-P500-RA01 NPP500RA01 NP-P500-RA01UK

The above compatibility list is non-exhaustive. If your original part number or your laptop model number is not included in the compatibility list, but our battery may still fit your laptop. Please feel free to contact us to confirm the compatibility.

Samsung AA-PB9NC6B Laptop Battery for Samsung Np-n150 NP-N150-KA02RU NP300E5A NPE271 NP-E452I Series Notebook
Samsung AA-PB9NC6...
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Regular price 146,575.00 SR