Asus C21N1347 Battery Pack for ASUS X555 X555LA X555LA-SI30202G X555LD X555LN A555BA F530LD K555BP

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  • Battery rating: 7.5V
  • Battery capacity: 37Wh
  • Type: rechargeable Li-Polymer battery
  • Battery color: Black
  • Condition: New
  • CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified ensure safety.
  • 12-months Carry-In Replacement Warranty
  • 24 x 7 Call, WhatsApp, Email support.
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Part Numbers:
  • 0B200-01000000
  • 0B200-01000100
  • 0B200-01000200
  • 0B200-01000300
  • 0B200-01000400
  • 0B200-01000500
  • 0B200-01000700
  • 0B200-01200000
  • 0B200-01200100
  • 0B200-01200200
  • 0B200-01200300
  • 0B200-01200400
  • 2ICP4/63/134
  • C21N1347
  • PP21AT149Q-1
Laptop Fit Models:
Asus A Series
A555BA A555BP A555DA
A555DG A555DG-DM087 A555DGDM087
A555L A555LA A555LB
A555LB5200 A555LD A555LD-XX390H
A555LDXX390H A555LD4010 A555LD4030
A555LD4210 A555LD5200 A555LF5010
A555LF5200 A555LI A555LJ-X0346H
A555LJX0346H A555LJ-X0777H A555LJX0777H
A555LJ-X0777T A555LJX0777T A555LJ-XO347H
A555LJXO347H A555LJ-XO668H A555LJXO668H
A555LJ-XO672H A555LJXO672H A555LJ-XO913T
A555LJXO913T A555LJ-XO918T A555LJXO918T
A555LJ-XX032H A555LJXX032H A555LJ-XX033H
A555LJXX033H A555LJ-XX034H A555LJXX034H
A555LJ-XX055H A555LJXX055H A555LJ-XX056H
A555LJXX056H A555LJ-XX058H A555LJXX058H
A555LJ-XX379 A555LJXX379 A555LJ-XX439
A555LJXX439 A555LJ-XX555H A555LJXX555H
A555LN A555LP A555LP5200
A555QA A555QG-DM045T A555QGDM045T
A555QG-XO119T A555QGXO119T A555QG-XX270T
A555QGXX270T A555UA A555UA-DM105
A555UADM105 A555UA-XO269T A555UAXO269T
A555UA-XX187T A555UAXX187T A555UB
A555UF A555UJ A555UJ-XO233R
Asus Series
F530LB F530LD F530LJ
F530LN F554DA F554DG
F554LA F554LA-WS71 F554LAWS71
F554LA-X01126H F554LAX01126H F554LA-XO1091P
F554LAXO1091P F554LA-XO758H F554LAXO758H
F554LA-XO991H F554LAXO991H F554LA-XX1039H
F554LAXX1039H F554LA-XX1039P F554LAXX1039P
F554LA-XX1173H F554LAXX1173H F554LA-XX1174H
F554LAXX1174H F554LA-XX513H F554LAXX513H
F554LA-XX526H F554LAXX526H F554LA-XX567H
F554LAXX567H F554LA-XX595H F554LAXX595H
F554LA-XX804H F554LAXX804H F554LF
F554LI F554LJ F554LN
F554LP F554LP5200 F554UA
F554UB F554UF F554UI
F555BA-XO059T F555BAXO059T F555BP-XO004T
F555BPXO004T F555BP-XO091T F555BPXO091T
F555DA F555DG F555DG-XO075T
F555DGXO075T F555DG-XO114T F555DGXO114T
F555L F555LA F555LB
F555LD F555LD4210 F555LF
F555LJ5200 F555LN F555LN-XO055D
F555LNXO055D F555LN-XO355D F555LNXO355D
F555QG F555QG-DM076T F555QGDM076T
F555QG-DM188T F555QGDM188T F555QG-DM200T
F555QGDM200T F555QG-XO195T F555QGXO195T
F555QG-XX033T F555QGXX033T F555QG-XX077T
F555QGXX077T F555QG-XX161T F555QGXX161T
F555UF F555UJ F555UJ-XX072T
F555UJXX072T F555UJ-XX073T F555UJXX073T
F555YA F555YI F555YI-XO081T
F555YIXO081T F555YI-XO113T F555YIXO113T
FL5600L5500 FL5600LJ5500 K555LI
Asus Series
K555BA K555BP K555DA
K555DG K555L K555LA
K555LA-Q32-CB K555LAQ32CB K555LA-Q32-RD-CB
K555LAQ32RDCB K555LA-Q32X K555LAQ32X
K555LA-QH31 K555LAQH31 K555LA-QH32
K555LAQH32 K555LA-QH52 K555LAQH52
K555LA-X0788H K555LAX0788H K555LA-X0848H
K555LAX0848H K555LA-XO788H K555LAXO788H
K555LA-XO848H K555LAXO848H K555LA-XX2439T
K555LAXX2439T K555LB K555LB-DM109T
K555LBDM109T K555LB-DM144D K555LBDM144D
K555LB-DM243D K555LBDM243D K555LB-DM415T
K555LBDM415T K555LB-FI504T K555LBFI504T
K555LB-FI551T K555LBFI551T K555LB-XO108D
K555LBXO108D K555LB-XO393H K555LBXO393H
K555LB-XO408T K555LBXO408T K555LB-XO474T
K555LBXO474T K555LB-XO475T K555LBXO475T
K555LB-XX131D K555LBXX131D K555LB-XX302D
K555LBXX302D K555LB-XX423T K555LBXX423T
K555LB-XX432T K555LBXX432T K555LB-XX473D
K555LBXX473D K555LB-XX516T K555LBXX516T
K555LD K555LD-DM905H K555LDDM905H
K555LD-XX284D K555LDXX284D K555LD-XX285D
K555LDXX285D K555LD-XX286D K555LDXX286D
K555LD-XX391D K555LDXX391D K555LD-XX645D
K555LDXX645D K555LD4210 K555LD5200
K555LF K555LF-XO017D K555LFXO017D
K555LF-XX006D K555LFXX006D K555LF-XX134D
K555LFXX134D K555LF-XX146D K555LFXX146D
K555LF-XX168D K555LFXX168D K555LF-XX248D
K555LFXX248D K555LF-XX421D K555LFXX421D
K555LF-XX449T K555LFXX449T K555LJ
K555LJ-DM451H K555LJDM451H K555LJ-DM706T
K555LJDM706T K555LJ-DM728H K555LJDM728H
K555LJ-XO667T K555LJXO667T K555LJ-XO909T
K555LJXO909T K555LJ-XX1008T K555LJXX1008T
K555LJ-XX108T K555LJXX108T K555LJ-XX131D
K555LJXX131D K555LJ-XX1349T K555LJXX1349T
K555LJ-XX135D K555LJXX135D K555LJ-XX974T
K555LJXX974T K555LJ5200 K555LN
K555LN-DM091D K555LNDM091D K555LN-DM205D
K555LNDM205D K555LN-DM405H K555LNDM405H
K555LN-XO133H K555LNXO133H K555LN-XO406H
K555LNXO406H K555LN-XO508H K555LNXO508H
K555LP K555LP5200 K555UA-Q52X-CB
K555UQ K555UQ-DM007T K555UQDM007T
K555UQ-DM028C K555UQDM028C K555UQ-DM028T
K555UQDM028T K555UQ-DM045T K555UQDM045T
K555UQ-XX002TC K555UQXX002TC K555UQ-XX003TC
K555UQXX003TC K555UQ-XX017TC K555UQXX017TC
Asus Series
X555LB-DM226H X555LBDM226H X555LB-DM680D
X555LBDM680D X555LB-DM703D X555LBDM703D
X555LB-XO010H X555LBXO010H X555LB-XO064H
X555LBXO064H X555LB-XO065H X555LBXO065H
X555LB-XO071H X555LBXO071H X555LB-XO073H
X555LBXO073H X555LB-XO075H X555LBXO075H
X555LB-XO168H X555LBXO168H X555LB-XO169H
X555LBXO169H X555LB-XO170H X555LBXO170H
X555LB-XO171H X555LBXO171H X555LB-XX026D
X555LBXX026D X555LB-XX127D X555LBXX127D

The above compatibility list is non-exhaustive. If your original part number or your laptop model number is not included in the compatibility list, but our battery may still fit your laptop. Please feel free to contact us to confirm the compatibility.

Asus C21N1347 Battery Pack for ASUS X555 X555LA X555LA-SI30202G X555LD X555LN A555BA F530LD K555BP
Asus C21N1347 Bat...
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