Lenovo L14L2P21 L14M2P21 Laptop Battery for Edge 2-1580 Flex 3-1435 Flex 3-1470 PC Lenovo Yoga 500-14 Yoga 500-14ISK IdeaPad 33014IGM Ideapad 33014AST

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Specifications :
  • Battery rating: 7.4V
  • Battery capacity: 30Wh
  • Battery cells: 4-cell
  • Type: rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Battery color: black
  • Condition: New
  • CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified ensure safety.
  • 12-months Carry-In Replacement Warranty
  • 24 x 7 Call, WhatsApp, Email support.
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Part Numbers :
2ICP6/54/90 2ICP6/55/90 5B10G78610
5B10G78612 5B10K10229 5B10M49822
5B10M49823 5B10M49825 5B10M52815
5B10M52816 5B10Q39203 5B10Q39204
5B10Q39206 5B10V25259 5B10W67232
5B10W67294 5B10W67363 L14L2P21
L14M2P21 PP21AT140Q-2 PP21AT140Q2
Laptop Fit Models:
V320-17ISK, IdeaPad 300s-14ISK 80Q4000KUS, S41-35(80JW), IdeaPad 510S-14ISK 80TK004XCF, U41-70(80JT), IdeaPad 300S 80Q4000FUS, U41-70(80JV00CXGE), IdeaPad 320-15IKB-80XL0006US, Yoga 500-14IBD(80N4015UGE), Yoga 500-15IBD(80N600GNGE), IdeaPad 510S-14ISK(80TK0063MH), Flex 3-1480(80R30016US), IdeaPad 720-15IKB(81AG0038GE), IdeaPad 510S-14ISK 80TK0039AU, Yoga 500-15ISK(80R6), IdeaPad S145-15API, IdeaPad 310S-15IKB(80TV00L2GE), IdeaPad 520S-14IKBR 81BL0073GE, IdeaPad 520s-14IKB-81BL, ideapad 720S-13IBR, U41-70(80JV003TGE), Ideapad 310S-14ISK 310S-14AST., Yoga 500-14IBD(80N400JKGE), IdeaPad 320-15IKB(80XL03RNGE), Yoga 500-14ISK(80R500EHGE), IdeaPad 510S-14IKB(80UV005LGE), Edge 2-1580(80QF0005US), IdeaPad 720-15IKB(81C70021MZ), YG 500-14ACL A8-7410 8G 1TB 10H 80NA001BAU, Yoga 500-15ISK(80R60057GE), Yoga 500-14ACL(80NA0001IX), IdeaPad 320S-15AST, V15-ADA, S41-75(80JR), IdeaPad 80NT, U41-70(80JV003KGE), IdeaPad 300S 80Q4000MUS, U41-70(80JV00F7GE), IdeaPad 320-15IKB-80XL01NGGE, Yoga 500-14IBD(80NE0008BR), Yoga 500-15IBD(80N600HQGE), IdeaPad 720-15IKB 81C7, Flex 3-1570(80JM), IdeaPad 720-15IKB(81AG0024GE), Yoga 500-15IHW(80N70025GE), IdeaPad S145-15IGM, IdeaPad 310S-14AST(80UL), yoga 500-14sk, IdeaPad 520s-14IKB-81BL009JGE, S41-70(80JU), U41-70(80JV003VGE), Ideapad 310S-15 IFI, Yoga 500-14IBD(80N400T9GE), IdeaPad 320-15IKB(80XL00AXMZ), Yoga 500-15IBD(80N60019GE), Flex 3-1435(80K1), IdeaPad 720-15IKB(81AG004PGE), YG 500-14ISK I7 4G 1T 10H 80R5007JAU, Yoga 500-15ISK(80R6004AGE), IdeaPad 330-14IGM, Ideapad S145-14API, IdeaPad 320S-15ABR, V15-IIL, IdeaPad 520s-14IKB-80X2006BGE, U41-70(80JV003MGE), IdeaPad 300S 80Q4000VCF, Yoga 500-15IBD(80N6001KGE), IdeaPad 320-15IKB-80XL00B6GE, Yoga 500-14ISK(80R5007UGE), IdeaPad Slim 1-14AST-05(81VS001WGE), Flex 3-1570(80JM0024US), Yoga 500-15ISK(80R600ADGE), IdeaPad S145-15IKB, IdeaPad 310S-14AST(80UL000ACL), IdeaPad 520s-14IKB(81BL00CFGE), S41-70(80JU001DUS), IdeaPad 300S 80Q4, U41-70(80JV00CSGE), Yoga 500-14IBD(80N4013JGE), Yoga 500-15IBD(80N60089GE), IdeaPad 510S-14ISK(80TK003FGE), Flex 3-1470(80JK0028US), IdeaPad 720-15IKB(81AG003CGE), LN S41-35 A8-7410 8G 1TB 10H 80JW000KAU, Yoga 500-15ISK(80R60023GE), IdeaPad 320S-15IKB(80X5004GGE), IdeaPad S145-14IGM, IdeaPad 310S-15IKB(80UW), V15-IWL, IdeaPad 520s-14IKB-80X2006FGE, Ideapad 720-15ISK, U41-70(80JV003PGE), Yoga 500-14IBD(80N400BQGE), IdeaPad 320-15IKB-80YE00ANGE, Yoga 500-14ISK(80R50097SC), Ideapad 510S-14IKB(80UV), IdeaPad Slim 1-14AST-05(81VS001XGE), Flex 3-1580(80R4), Yoga 500-15ISK(80R6007SGE), Yoga 500-14IHW(80N5), Ideapad 310S-14ISK(80UA), IdeaPad 510S-14ISK 80TK002QUS, U41-70(80JV), IdeaPad 300S 80Q4000EUS, U41-70(80JV00CUGE), ideapad 310S-15ISE, Yoga 500-14IBD(80N4015QGE), Yoga 500-15IBD(80N600B7GE), IdeaPad 510S-14ISK(80TK003KGE), Flex 3-1480(80R3), IdeaPad 720-15IKB(81AG0039GE), ideapad 310S-14ISK 80UA0007CD, Yoga 500-15ISK(80R60015GE), IdeaPad 320S-15IKB(80X5/81BQ), IdeaPad 310S-15IKB(80TV00RLGE), Ideapad 520S-14IKBR, IdeaPad 520s-14IKB-80X200EUGE, U41-70-80JV00JBGE, ideapad 720S-13AST, U41-70(80JV003SGE), Yoga 500-14IBD(80N400BSGE), IdeaPad 320-15IKB 80YE00A6GE, Yoga 500-14ISK(80R500E1GE), IdeaPad 510S-14IKB(80UV002RGE), Edge 2-1580(80QF0004US), IdeaPad 720-15IKB(81C7003GGE), Flex 4-1435(80SC), Yoga 500-15ISK(80R60058GE), Yoga 500-14ACL(80NA001EGE), IdeaPad 320S-15AST(80YB), V145-15AST, S41-70-ITH, IdeaPad 510S-14ISK 80TK004YCF, U41-70(80JV002FGE), IdeaPad 300S 80Q4000KUS, U41-70(80JV00F6GE), IdeaPad 320-15IKB-80XL0053RK, Yoga 500-14IBD(80NE)Serie, Yoga 500-15IBD(80N600GWGE), IdeaPad 720-15IKB 81AG, Flex 3-1480(80R30004US), IdeaPad 720-15IKB(81AG0037GE), ideapad 520S-14IKB 80X20073AU, Yoga 500-15IHW(80N700CGE)

The above compatibility list is non-exhaustive. If your original part number or your laptop model number is not included in the compatibility list, but our battery may still fit your laptop. Please feel free to contact us to confirm the compatibility.

Lenovo L14L2P21 L14M2P21 Laptop Battery for Edge 2-1580 Flex 3-1435 Flex 3-1470 PC Lenovo Yoga 500-14 Yoga 500-14ISK IdeaPad 33014IGM Ideapad 33014AST
Lenovo L14L2P21 L...
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