Lenovo 45N1740 45N1742 Laptop Battery for ThinkPad W550 W550s P50S ThinkPad T550 T550s T560 ThinkPad L540 THINKPAD P50S Series Notebook

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Specifications :
  • Battery rating: 11.4V
  • Battery capacity: 44Wh
  • Type: rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Battery color: Black
  • Condition: New
  • CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified ensure safety.
  • 12-months Carry-In Replacement Warranty
  • 24 x 7 Call, WhatsApp, Email support.
  • Wholesale and Retail
Part Numbers :
  • 00NY639
  • 45N1740
  • 45N1741
  • 45N1742
  • 45N1743
  • SB10K12721
Laptop Fit Models:
Lenovo ThinkPad T Series
ThinkPad T550 20CJ0006AU ThinkPad T550 20CJA00RAU ThinkPad T550 20CJA02DAU
ThinkPad T550 20CJA03QAU ThinkPad T550 20CJCTO1WW ThinkPad T550 20CJS02P01
ThinkPad T550 20CJS04H00 ThinkPad T550 20CJS0G416 ThinkPad T550 20CJS0GQ00
ThinkPad T550 20CKCTO1WW
Lenovo ThinkPad T560 Series
ThinkPad T560 20FH0001AU ThinkPad T560 20FH0002AU ThinkPad T560 20FH0004AU
ThinkPad T560 20FH000CAU ThinkPad T560 20FH002SAU ThinkPad T560 20FH002UAU
ThinkPad T560 20FH002VAU ThinkPad T560 20FHA00XAU ThinkPad T560 20FHA01CAU
ThinkPad T560 20FHA02UAU ThinkPad T560 20FHCTO1WW ThinkPad T560 20FJ000UAU
ThinkPad T560 20FJ000YAU ThinkPad T560 20FJ0013AU ThinkPad T560 20FJ0015AU
ThinkPad T560 20FJ001CAU ThinkPad T560 20FJ001EAU ThinkPad T560 20FJ001FAU
ThinkPad T560 20FJ001GAU ThinkPad T560 20FJ001HAU ThinkPad T560 20FJ002HAU
ThinkPad T560 20FJ002WAU ThinkPad T560 20FJA00NAU ThinkPad T560 20FJA02LAU
ThinkPad T560 20FJA042AU ThinkPad T560 20FJA047AU ThinkPad T560 20FJA08EAU
ThinkPad T560 20FJA08FNZ ThinkPad T560 20FJCTO1WW ThinkPad T560 20FJS09K0K
ThinkPad T560 20FJS09U00 ThinkPad T560 20FJS0KT00 ThinkPad T560 20FJS11C00
ThinkPad T560 20FJS12B0Q ThinkPad T560 20FJS12M00 ThinkPad T560 20FJS19320
ThinkPad T560 20FJS1EJ00 ThinkPad T560 20FJS1EL00 ThinkPad T560 20FJS1HW00
ThinkPad T560 20FJS1N50W ThinkPad T560 20FJS30U1S ThinkPad T560 20FJS3S200
ThinkPad T560 20FJS3YD00 ThinkPad T560 20FJS42300 ThinkPad T560 20FJS45S00
ThinkPad T560 20FJS4CE00 ThinkPad T560 20FJS4D800 ThinkPad T560 20FJS4FU00
ThinkPad T560 20FJS4FV00 ThinkPad T560 20FJS4MS00 ThinkPad T560 20FJS4UY00
ThinkPad T560 20FJS4Y800
Lenovo Series
ThinkPad T550(20CKA00ECD) ThinkPad T550(20CKA00FCD) ThinkPad T550(20CKA00GCD)
ThinkPad T550(20CKA00HCD) THINKPAD T560
Lenovo Thinkpad Series
T560-0CCD T5600CCD T560-0DCD
T5600DCD T560-0FCD T5600FCD
T560-0HCD T5600HCD T560-0JCD
T5600JCD T560-19CD T56019CD
ThinkPad L440 ThinkPad L540 THINKPAD P50S
ThinkPad P50s(20FKS00400) ThinkPad P50s(20FLA004CD) ThinkPad P50s(20FLA005CD)
ThinkPad P50s(20FLA006CD) ThinkPad P50s(20FLA007CD) ThinkPad P50s(20FLA008CD)
ThinkPad P50s(20FLA00DCD) ThinkPad P50s(20FLA00ECD) ThinkPad P50s(20FLA00FCD)
ThinkPad P50s(20FLA00HCD) ThinkPad P50s(20FLA00JCD) ThinkPad P50s(20FLA00VCD)
ThinkPad T440p ThinkPad T540P ThinkPad T550
ThinkPad T550 20CJ ThinkPad T550 20CJ0000 ThinkPad T550 20CK
ThinkPad T550 20CK0000 ThinkPad T550 20CK002 THINKPAD T550 T(TYPE 20CJ)
THINKPAD T550 T(TYPE 20CK) ThinkPad T550(20CJ-J0007AU) ThinkPad T550(20CJJ0007AU)
ThinkPad T550(20CJ-J0008AU) ThinkPad T550(20CJJ0008AU) ThinkPad T550(20CJ-J0009AU)
ThinkPad T550(20CJJ0009AU) ThinkPad T550(20CJ-J000DAU) ThinkPad T550(20CJJ000DAU)
ThinkPad T550(20CJ-J000FAU) ThinkPad T550(20CJJ000FAU) ThinkPad T550(20CJ-J000HAU)
ThinkPad T550(20CJJ000HAU) ThinkPad T550(20CJ-J000JAU) ThinkPad T550(20CJJ000JAU)
ThinkPad T550(20CJ-J000KAU) ThinkPad T550(20CJJ000KAU) ThinkPad T550(20CJ-J000XAU)
ThinkPad T550(20CJJ000XAU) ThinkPad T550(20CJ-J000YAU) ThinkPad T550(20CJJ000YAU)
ThinkPad T550(20CJ-J0010AU) ThinkPad T550(20CJJ0010AU) ThinkPad T550(20CJ-J0011AU)
ThinkPad T550(20CJJ0011AU) ThinkPad T550(20CJ-J0012AU) ThinkPad T550(20CJJ0012AU)
ThinkPad T550(20CJ-J0013AU) ThinkPad T550(20CJJ0013AU) ThinkPad T550(20CJ-J0019AU)
ThinkPad T550(20CJJ0019AU) ThinkPad T550(20CJ-J001AAU) ThinkPad T550(20CJJ001AAU)
ThinkPad T550(20CJ-J001BAU) ThinkPad T550(20CJJ001BAU) ThinkPad T550(20CJ-J001CAU)
ThinkPad T550(20CJJ001CAU) ThinkPad T550(20CJ-J001DAU) ThinkPad T550(20CJJ001DAU)
ThinkPad T550(20CJ-J001EAU) ThinkPad T550(20CJJ001EAU) ThinkPad T550(20CJ-J001FAU)
ThinkPad T550(20CJJ001FAU) ThinkPad T550(20CJ-J001GAU) ThinkPad T550(20CJJ001GAU)
ThinkPad T550(20CJ-J001HAU) ThinkPad T550(20CJJ001HAU) ThinkPad T550(20CJ-J001JAU)
ThinkPad T550(20CJJ001JAU)

The above compatibility list is non-exhaustive. If your original part number or your laptop model number is not included in the compatibility list, but our battery may still fit your laptop. Please feel free to contact us to confirm the compatibility.

Lenovo 45N1740 45N1742 Laptop Battery for ThinkPad W550 W550s P50S  ThinkPad T550 T550s T560 ThinkPad L540 THINKPAD P50S Series Notebook
Lenovo 45N1740 45...
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